Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Crumb blocks, attic window

    I finally treadled enough crumb blocks, 6 1/2" squares to make a lap quilt. I love crumb blocks, they are like mini paintings, each one different and fun. I already did one with sashing. I decided to use attic windows because it will show off the blocks. I looked for some tutorials, and did not find one that was real clear. I don't want to do the simplified, put a half square triangle in the corner, because I already have enough seams. I can't get a clear idea how to add the second piece without starting to sew at the 1/4" mark which is harder than on the open end.
   I am sewing on the 301 because the treadle does not have reverse. When I get my new machine, the 237, I can treadle the strips on also. Any ideas how to sew attic window strips easier, I would love to know. I have 7 done on the wall. 
On the wall

Crumb block pile waiting for its sashing


Peg said...

I just saw your entries at the Old Forge Quilt Show posted on Elizabeth's Sewing Machine Obsession blog. Really inspiring. Recently I made my first quilt show entry at our local Tompkins County show and had a wonderful time with my family, wandering through so much colorful creativity. Now I've got the bug and I'm closing in on finishing 2 more show pieces. How does one find out about all the NY/PA shows that are calling for entries?

Linda Swanekamp said...

One of the best ways is the NYS quilt consortium, to which my guild belongs, There is a calendar there which tells the quilt shows. If you belong to a guild, that helps to be in the pipeline. If you were in the Tompkins quilt show, I know that Quilters Corners store has a list of shows and flyers. I live in Buffalo. The Schweinfurth in Auburn sponsors lots of shows
Hope that helps. The OF show is great.