Thursday, September 16, 2021

Lots of Color

      During the big quarantine, I did the quilt along with Gudrun Erla on Elvira. I thought it was a fun quilt and made a nice large one to give as a comfort quilt. It was pretty bold from fat quarters I had brought together as bright patterns.
     I found out that a secretary that worked at my last school had a rough summer battling a long running blood cancer disease. She always loved bold, lots of color. The quilt reminds me of her. I messaged her on Facebook to see if she would like it. I sent her the link to my blog. She said yes, so I quilted it and put the whole quilt package together. She had two treatments this week and is not up to me delivering it this week, so hopefully she will feel better so I can drop it off next week.
     I quilted each whole block with a different pattern, depending on what the fabric said to me. I love the quilting. Mocha glide with mocha glide 60 in bobbin.

On longarm

Back with extra blocks

The whole package, quilt not in bag yet.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

More Block Ideas

      Since I have fabric pieces everywhere, I continued on making more birds and adding some butterflies for a baby quilt for my granddaughter to be. I need to make some beefier butterflies and a couple more birds. Then I will try to assemble  the front.

     I have been sewing 1 1/2" squares as Leader/Enders that I cut when I made the Snail's Trail wall quilt. I continued making 4 patches and it is time to figure out what to do with them. I remember the Scrap Jar Stars Quilt  pattern I saved. I made a block with the 1 1/2" squares 4 patches (8" finished). I like it but it is a lot of sewing. I would have to make 56 of them to be big enough for a comfort quilt. That is a lot.
     So, I pulled out the box of 2" squares, which is what the pattern uses and made a block (12" finished). It is not as cozy as the smaller one, but would need less blocks to be sewn. Hmm.

Among all the chaotic fabric and various machines, Tugger decides to make his bed on the Snails Trail Quilt awaiting the last binding stitching on the Singer 15.

The Snail's Trail- the other quilt show reject

Monday, September 6, 2021

Scattered Block Shots

      Trying to meet deadlines for challenges, exchanges, etc. means doing a lot of different blocks, fabrics and sizes. That means fabric shrapnel all over the place and now facing picky cleanup. However, I did get done all I promised.
     My guild is doing a block exchange- sets of 24. I did two sets of 24.

     The guild is also doing a twin challenge- two people each making the same block in their own fabrics. In my case, it is three of us. The block was PopRocks. I did two because I usually do better on the second one.
     Our guild show is next year, so we are working on the raffle quilt now. The organizers chose Lucky Star and I did 2 of the blocks they kitted up. All batiks.

     I promised Lynne that I would make a bird block for her collection. It took me three until I got the bird with the attitude I wanted. The top bird is going to her.

    The second half of the blue bargello still needs to be sewn together. It is waiting not so patiently pinned up.
     And finally, Elvira (Gudrun Erla) is on the longarm. I found a person in need of comfort due to health issues who just loves lots of crazy color. I think this quilt is all her.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

A new Spin on it

     Everyone needs to get out once in a while, out of the comfort zone and try something challenging. That is what I did at the Quilters Gathering in Berlin, OH, Aug. 27 and 28th. I signed up for a class taught by Julie Stocker on Spin Drift. I knew it would be challenging and I knew I could learn a lot. I know Julie. We met as bloggers and later in person over some trips I have taken down to Amish Ohio country. She is the best. 
     My husband was willing to drive me. He also loves to spend time at Keim Lumber in Charm, OH- hours. It made a nice get away and I was able to learn, sew, and chat with quilters from all over. How can you beat that? I took home lots of tips from Julie's expertise. My husband bought a lot of wood.
     I do want to make more blocks for an entire quilt and now I know how. The patterns instructions leave a lot of room for improvement, and Julie took care of that. I know lots of people prefer online classes, but meeting in person with others gives more meatiness and satisfaction in the process. Observing how others work around you and seeing their fabric choices and tools is added benefit.

My sample test block

How to assemble sashing which is better not cut on the bias as in the pattern

Layout of assembled sash

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Floral Zebra

      Finally, the Zebra I made from Lynne's pattern was quilted. I am not sure what got into my head, but I entered it in Quilting Unlimited Show at the View Art Gallery in Old Forge, NY.  I have entered before, but everytime I submit a quilt, I see all the flaws. My machine quilting is hand guided and all I see are the errors. I don't want computerized quilting, but I feel judged by its perfection. I love the gallery in Old Forge and having a quilt hang there is a privilege but it is up to them. I realized when I was done, that the border prints don't match up good enough. Never thought of it when I was seaming the border. Too late now.



Monday, August 30, 2021

Sid's Trucks parked

      A couple of weeks ago, I finished my grandson's quilt for his big bed. My daughter and Sid paid a quick visit a week ago and I was able to give him the quilt. He seemed to like it, especially the big dump truck on the back. I did not hear anything about it, so I asked and my daughter said he liked it on his bed. On Saturday, I was on my way home in Buffalo from a Quilters Gathering in Berlin, OH, so we popped in on our way back. I wanted to see the quilt on his bed, that is just the way that I am. When I went into his room, he had it backside frontside and upside down so the dump truck faced him. Well, I guess I can make them, but people choose how to use them. All that fussy cut fabric on the front did not impress him. This quilt is based on the Flight quilt that is enlarged to fit a twin bed.

                                              The back in my plan, not in Sid's.

Details in top band, Clouds

Details second band- designed like tire marks

Details dark band- like truck tire tread

Details in next band, curls of dust. I have been saving that Richard Scarry
piece of fabric for years. Finally got to use it!

Details bottom band, mechanical shapes like pistons moving

Details where bands meet

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Sid's Trucks

      My grandson, Sidney, just turned three. He just got a new twin bed as he will have a sister in November who needs the crib. I bought him some Monster Truck sheets for his birthday in June. He loved them. Of course, he needs a quilt for his new bed. My daughter likes to have things done real fast, so I had to come up with an idea that would not take long. He wanted trucks. Applique would have taken me forever and I could not find a truck pattern.
     I found a pattern online called "Flight Quilt" that I thought would be quick and I could incorporate trucks. It was too small, so I got out the graph paper, ordered some truck fabrics (hard to find), pawed through my scrap stash, ordered some Grunge. I bought a dump truck panel for the backing.
    I worked with all the pieces on the design wall. Rechecked math, good thing, made mistakes.

Started with grunge side pieces

Arranged truck fussy cut fabric

Sewed borders around truck fabrics

Sewed it all together

Added pieces from stash to build backing. I knew saving that gradient piece would come in handy someday. Had to piece the brown, but I think it adds to the construction feeling. 

     On a somber note, my family was supposed to leave early this morning for our annual vacation in the Adirondacks where we rent a house. Yesterday, we found out from the owner about a house explosion across the street. When she got there today, there is structural damage and we cannot stay there. We are all packed with nowhere to go. Frantically calling any leads for accomodations. Watch the video. 24 hrs. later we would have been on the deck overlooking the lake, chilling out. Good thing we were not there 24 hrs. earlier.