Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!

      Happy Thanksgiving to all who read this! I am so grateful that you take the time to read and am so thankful for those who have become friends through reading my blog.

      I am behind writing and posting and I will post after the holiday more. I have been taking photos and marking what needs to be posted, it is just hard for me to find the time, energy and ability to write. Last weekend, I dodged the big Buffalo snow by attending a quilt retreat, Thurs. to Sun., north of Niagara Falls. For the past 5 weeks, my husband has been laying hardwood floors in our bedroom and my daughter's old one as well as painting. That means that furniture was everywhere else. I took on a project way too big for me and have been scrambling for help and sewing like a mad woman. Last week, I lost my best sewing room companion, Tugger the cat, and am teary a lot. 

     So to wish you all Happy Thanksgiving, I am showing you some of my Christmas cactus blooming at Thanksgiving. They are all jammed in one window due to above mentioned house disruptions. Enjoy. Thank you!

A new one I found at Trader Joes!