Thursday, June 30, 2016

Little cranes

     Two of my quilting friends, twins, had a recent birthday. We went to high school together and reconnected after many years through quilting. They taught me to paper pieces. So, when I saw this free pattern, I knew it was for their birthday. It came in three sizes, 3", 6", 9". I made the three inch. It was a little dicey. I lost the pieces twice. Next time, I will painter's tape each piece to a wall so they don't get blown or buried. I think I would like to make the larger ones.
     Long ago, I made paper cranes with the elementary school I taught at to send to a school in NYC near the world trade towers in fall 2001. We made over 1000 of them and strung them on long strings to hang in their school.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Batik strips quilted

     The Maybe quilt pattern I did for the tutorial for on Sarah's blog was just quilted. I used Glide Military Gold on the top and Omni on the bottom. I did the same pattern in all the white, but a different one in each strip. Just have to bind.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Flowers bloomed

     The flowering snowball quilt is all together. I am deciding whether it needs a border. And what color. Solid border or piecing. I really like it.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Trimming, on wall and webbing

     It all started with these: my scrap basket. The flowering snowball was all made with what was found in here except for the yellow curve pieces. Those were bigger scraps.

      Then was all the trimming that I did with the June Tailor ruler. It kept everything flat and I could cut two sides at a time. I used the rotating mat.
      Then were tiny, slivery scraps from trimming.
      Then placing on the wall and rearranging and arranging.
       Finally, it was webbed so all the rows are together. Seems cumbersome, but I never screw up sewing something out of order.

Cards in the Craft Applique Way

     I continue to try to use what I have learned in the Crafted Applique book by Lara Buccella. I love to make cards and I always need them to send. I decided to use some batik scraps and create some using her method. After ironing on the applique, I used black line stitching as sketch lines. I really like them and hope the recipients do.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

One of the first

     When my granddaughter was over last week, she pulled out all the blankets and towels she could find and piled them into the family room for a big bed. I was washing the dishes and did not realize the extent of her remodeling. I realized that the quilt on top was the very first real quilt I made in the early 80s. I designed the pattern (bleh) and chose the solids (bleh). Without rotary cutters or chain piecing, it was made. I actually hand quilted the whole thing. It is very soft now and I still enjoy it as an accomplishment, but it is not an aesthetic beauty. She is.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Just can't help myself to another

     Over a year ago, a member of my guild, Cathy, ran a workshop to make one block wonders. I really enjoyed it. And I made another. Neither of them are quilted yet, although I have the backings and battings ready. I am too intimidated yet to put them on the long arm.
     When I was visiting my daughter in Meadville, PA a couple of months ago, I bought some clearance fabric at Fox's Sew and Vac (great store) for another OBW because it just seemed right. I just cut the fabric and made all the triangle sets. I sewed a couple of them to see what I had. I think it will be terrific. Can't wait to sew all the sets and play around on the design wall. I have been so impressed with the OBW quilts that Bruce Seeds makes. Maybe someday I will get into that level. Right. 
The fabric 
The triangle sets
A few blocks

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Pretty close to ready

     It has been over a year that I have sewn made fabric and been cutting it for a flowering snowball quilt. It started out paired with black and white prints, but that had to change and I used different shades of yellow. It is crazy, but it has been so much fun to sew. Now, all the blocks are sewn and are being trimmed. I should have bought the 12" template because I have to trim all the 10 1/2" unfinished blocks down and am losing a 1/2" per block. I have 58 blocks and need 56. I always like to have extra just in case. So pretty close to getting it all up on the wall. It will be 7 by 8 blocks, 10" trimmed.
So far on wall 
Pile to be trimmed yet

Friday, June 10, 2016

Cock a doodle done

      Although I am not sure what to do now that the rooster is pieced from the Ann Shaw class, it is all together. I was thinking a black and white checkerboard border and maybe some other blocks before a border. I would like it to be at least 30 x 34. The method does work, but will I be able to figure it out drawing my own landscapes?
     Also done is an exploding square, Red White Blue for a vet. I don't know who will get this. My guild made up the kit, but I had to switch out the border from a dark red solid narrow to this more lively blue print. Now to get a backing done.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Spring color riot- bloom style!

      I just love color, bright color. It is one of the big reasons I quilt. Also, I love flower colors and gardening. I don't have a big space, but I have some colorful explosions in spring.
     Today, I am just going to post some of my favorite sights in my garden this spring. First up are tulips. I buy my bulbs from White Flower Farm online. I did visit them once in Connecticut and it was awesome.

     Next were the tree peonies. I have two shrubs- a light pink and a magenta. I would love another color. These are not the herbaceous peonies.

     Just finishing, are the red poppies.

     Thank you for looking and hopefully, being inspired!