Friday, July 22, 2022

Bits and Bobs

    I always wanted to use that phrase. I continue on my Leader and Ender project, which is Scrap Jar Stars. I have all the components done leader ender style, and now putting them into a block is a full job on its own. I try and sew 2 at a time. I have 11 more to assemble. These will get a white lattice strip with another color square in the intersection. I realize I put the blocks up not all oriented correctly- the 16 patches need to start with the color square in the top left corner. When I web it, I will make sure of the orientation. I love the cheerfulness.

    Also, I am sewing the strip sets for another Upstairs, Downstairs with the Watermark jelly roll. I have all the sets marked and am working on the first one.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

The kit that dragged its feet

     Years ago, Craftsy used to have great deals on kit closeouts. I don't usually buy kits, but sometimes the price with fabric was too good to pass up.  One kit had batiks that seemed just to not jell together, so after I made the 16 patch blocks, it sat in a bag.

    Then I got the bright idea to make 2 quilts and add borders to make them a good size. The orange and gray one has been made and is waiting for someplace to call home. The more pastel one has been a top, but when I got a request, this one was quicker to quilt and get ready. Quilted with Glide Cleopatra on top and Dove Grey DecoBob in the bobbin. The back is a beautiful batik, wish I had more.

    This is the bag that the quilt, pocket quilts, card, book, CD are packed into and then it all goes in an XL ziploc bag to keep pristine. This quilt is going to a woman who has had multiple cancers since October. She is a friend of a neighbor's sister who lives out of town, so it is being mailed.

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Ludic headed home

      Not the home Ludic came from (QuiltDiva Julie), but its forever home to do its work. The quilt package went to a woman with ovarian cancer that is the wife of a friend's coworker. I don't know her, but honored the request for comfort. I trust it made the mark like all great quilts do.
     I added 2 borders to it to make it a bit larger. When I was searching for binding fabric, the resident quality control inspector tested it out.

    Upon his approval, the binding was added as well as the label (yes, I know it is upside down on the backing pattern). Washed and ready to pack. I was in a hurry to deliver to the friend and don't have a shot of the bag packed.
    Thank you, Julie, for the top to quilt and gift!

Monday, July 11, 2022

Scrappy Trips Finally

     Another long years marinating WIP sewn. Scrappy Trips, Bonnie Hunter's pattern, has been languishing in a bag for a while. I finally webbed it and noticed a problem. I put it on the wall to study it and see where it was messed up. One block was turned the wrong way. I started this before A Left Handed Quilter showed me how to sew Upstairs, Downstairs her way, which is much superior to how Bonnie does it. I had to finish it the harder way since it was started already.

    Had to rip it out and turn, but here it is. I sewed a blue border around it so I don't have all those seams in the binding (not pictured).

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Twins- sort of, kind of

     Back a couple of months ago I think, A Left Handed Quilter asked me if I wanted to do an Upstairs, Downstairs with her with the same jelly rolls, but using a different color for the diagonals of the block. She has EQ, so she sent me previews of the color possibilites. I chose the blue as the main diagonal. We bought the jelly rolls at jelly roll fabric (4 rolls of 20 strips each). They all had green, blue, purple, pink and yellow but different fabrics for them so we made groups of them for strip sets.
    I did post the early stages of this quilt. I added the border so I don't have all those seams popping and all in the binding lumpy. Hate lumpy binding, love it smooth. I have to look for some backing. It is 63.5" x 84" now. Check A Left Handed Quilters blog for hers. What do you think? I thought it was a fun and productive challenge. Anytime I can get a comfort quilt top out of some fun, what is not to love?

    Unfortunately, I did not see the wrong turned blocks on the wall and sewed them together. The next day it was obvious. Had to rip out and do inset seams. But here is the corrected version.