Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Baby Quilts times three

     For this year's Hands2Help Challenge, I am making three baby quilts. I was able to use orphan block pieces to create a center medallion and did a simple surround. The request was that the quilts were anywhere from 36" x 36" to 48" x 48". I think these will finish around 45". The two blue ones are identical in size, so I made one backing and will try to quilt both at the same time. The pink/orange one will be quilted by itself.
All the quilts jammed on the wall. Time to clear off.
Leftover pieces of double hourglass

Leftover ends of strips from 2 Diagonal Variations

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Indigo makes me happy

     Years ago, I bought a 10" Moda pack with Shibori fabric and sewed them all into HSTs. One quilt was made and given away long ago. 

     I finally finished the second one and quilted it. For the backing, I used indigo fabric I dyed over a year ago as an experiment in dyeing. It was not as dark as I wanted it, and I put together all the half yards for the backing. I love the backing and the front. Indigo is tough to dye, and although I love it, I don't think I am capable of dyeing my own.
Before quilting
Quilted, inside shot

Quilted, outside shot

Quilted back, inside shot
Back quilted, outside

     I just found Moda has made a new bundle of Indigo which I immediately bought on sale from Green Fairy. I am glad I jumped on it, because they are already out of stock. I love indigo!