Thursday, April 28, 2022

Fire and Ice all jelled

      I bought 2 great jelly rolls of an Anna Marie Horner line that I thought would work for Fire and Ice. I followed the instructions to the T, marked everything with blue painting tape, measured 4 times, then cut. When I tried to lay out the first set of strip sets, the right pattern did not emerge. I asked my husband, can you see where I went wrong. He took the strips, looking at the pattern photo,  figured out the pattern and the result was I had to reattach the tube strips and correct the  numbers so that the opening strip numbers would work. The first part of the pattern, the top, took a long time to get right. The second half, the bottom, was a lot easier as I used the correct numbers I had jotted down on the pattern. I still can't figure out where I could have gone wrong from the original pattern numbers. The segment sizes were correct, but the numbers for ripping out between were not.

     Now, I do need to put a border on it because I do not want all those seams in the binding. I have no idea what fabric or color to use to showcase all the movement, and not take away from the design. I am happy with how it sewed up.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

The star finally shines

      A project that had sat too long and needed to be met head on is a kit that I bought (rarely ever buy kits, but the price was so cheap for Hoffman digital fabric) for the Big Chevron Star. The pattern was confusing and I needed to make freezer paper pattern pieces in order to get the star points to sew and work properly. I can't just measure with rulers and get pieces to come out on diagonals reliably, but hey, that is probably just me.
     The part where I got stuck and the whole thing ended up in bag was when I started to add the background. It was floppy and not meeting up and it looked like a disaster.
      Recently, one of my good and knowledgeable friends and I met up and I brought the offending bag and asked for help. When we laid it out, it became apparent that I had not goofed, but the layout was goofy and needed some unusual trimming to work out. I got my head wrapped around that and worked on the background for each blade and assembled the whole thing into kind of a awkward looking top, but then was able to carefully trim and the top emerged. I added the top and bottom borders and now it looks great. Nice size comfort quilt.

See the wonky looking sections trying to come together?

Monday, April 25, 2022

Rippity rip rip solution

      Time for reckoning. This quilt top has sat in a ball in a bag long enough. It has to be dealt with. It is from back in Feb. 2020. It had a nasty curve and uneveness making it unusable. After dealing with another difficult quilt to fix, I waded into this one. I decided not to cut it into smaller blocks, but try to deal with it as it was. The pattern is free from Jo's Country Junction
     The story:
     I decided to unstitch a number of the worst looking curving seams  and press all the strips. I divided the quilt in about 5 parts. I searched through the stash and found strips that I could make 5 more sets of strips so I could add some good ones to help the curving. The seams I took out were very uneven due to the issues described in the archived blog. I repressed and restitched carefully. The long seams are too much for my mother who speeds everything under the needle to the allowance detriment.
     After some hours, I was able to rotate the quilt so now the strips go side to side and the added 5 strips plus a white one top and bottom make it long enough for a comfort quilt. I kept carefully sewing, pressing, flipping strips, alternating directions sewing the strips and finally, I was able to trim the quilt evenly and it presses FLAT!!!  I cannot believe I actually fixed it. It will make a great man's comfort quilt. Now to find a backing.

Monday, April 11, 2022

New Storage and refolding and rethinking

      I got this brain wave a few weeks ago about replacing the white bookcase that had my 1/2 yd. to 2 yard pieces in it as the shelves were too high and did not make good use of the space in the room. However, I was thwarted by a wrong order from Overstock that took over 2 weeks to clear up and put behind me. My husband extracted a promise from me that I would never buy furniture online again.
     So, in his woodshop, he made me a great storage unit. He put aside his plans and worked on my unit. The other day, I managed to mostly fill it. I had taken the fabric off the white bookcase and put it into plastic bins and had to organize it (culled some) for the new shelving. The whole unit is 40" wide now so it fits right up to the window. The shelves are less high so it is easier to remove fabric and put it back.

Yikes, white bookcase

         Fabric in bins in my studio  

In the shop

Empty corner ready

Ready to fill

Reorganized, breathing room

     You can't see the effort, the sawdust, varnish fumes and elbow grease, but it is not fast and easy like on HGTV.
      Isn't it just lovely?

Friday, April 8, 2022

Leader Ender currently

      My leader and ender quilt at this time is Scrap Jar Stars. I have all the 16 patches made, I am working on the corners, and then I will do the HSTs for the points. I am content to work on this bit by bit as it is scrappy and small piece components. All the centers are done (need 20 blocks) and I am making the corner pieces (half done) and then the HSTs for the points. I made two sample blocks to make sure it all works.
     I just keep a stack of the pieces next to the machine and keep feeding them through at the end of whatever I am piecing. It really is not confusing. I just keep things in the same places and can really make another quilt at the same time I am working on something more complicated.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Tale of a comfort quilt

      This story is about a quilt top called Shoshin that QuiltDiva Julie made and sent to me to quilt and gift. The backing and binding were already made- what's not to like about that?
       It quilted beautifully with Glide Celery. I straight line quilted the strips, did a loop center motif in the squares and did concentric circle pieces in the setting triangles. Love the binding fabric.  

All the ingredients

      Somewhere at finishing the binding up and photographing it on the wall, my granddaughter falls in love and lays claim. I was hesitant, but Julie said ok. Well, she was sick last week with a horrible cold and I watched her some of the days when Mom and Dad were working. And then again, a fever hit her yesterday and today (not Covid). She asked for the quilt and spent a good deal of time under it resting and then took it home.
Poor darling's feverish red cheeks

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Baby, baby, baby

     No, it is not a song, but three baby quilts I am making for Hands2Help and Little Lambs. I have three tops finished. The free pattern, Speedy Baby 2, 45 x 45, is what I used. I made a pink and a blue and then tried my hand at sewing flannel that I bought on sale at Joann's. Made sure I washed it first. I only have sewn flannel pillowcases that the family wants every Christmas.
     It uses charm squares. I normally cut scrap fabric into set sizes and 5" is one of them. I looked through the kids' 5" boxes and pulled out squares for 3 quilts- one blues and two pinks.

The Flannel one

     Now to get them quilted in a month. There is one comfort quilt almost ready to start on there now.

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Rolling, rolling, rolling down a pattern

      Jordan Fabrics always has great ideas and they change up the fabric in patterns. Always gets me thinking. The videos are pretty succinct and well done also. They have lots of free patterns.
     I got sucked in on a Kaffe layer cake deal by MSQC recently and the Jordan pattern, Rolling Stone, caught my attention. This definitely one to cut out and sew. In time, not now.