Sunday, August 30, 2020

Hard to believe it is finished

     I hardly ever buy a kit. I don't usually like the fabric or the pattern. I don't want to make something a jillion others are making. But too many years ago, I was at Quilters Corners in Ithaca, NY and the fabric in the kit and sample sang its siren song. I don't know why- I am not a neutrals person. I loved every bit of fabric in the bag. I asked if I could buy the same fabric without the kit, but they had used the whole bolts in the kits. I swallowed hard and my husband bought it as an Anniversary present for me. 
     When I got home and took it apart, I was unhappy with the directions because they called for cutting and fusing the raw edge slashes over the seam. Raw edge sets my teeth on edge, sorry. I can't imagine how bulky that would have been. I ended up instead of sewing the two slashed blocks together, sewing the slash strip to either side of the blocks. I was not happy that I could not get the inner squares to meet perfectly on either side of the slash, so it sat a long time. Finally, I grit my teeth and sewed all the squares. Assembling the quilt was not hard.
      Then it sat again for a long while because those not lined up center squares made me unhappy, but I could not change them. In May, I finally loaded the top on the longarm and then there was a three month redo of the longarm basement space. Eventually, I started quilting it. I quilted all the light squares with lines that alternated 90 degrees from the one next to it. In the dark small blocks, I quilted one design on one half the block, and another on the other side of the slash. I did the big gray blocks the same way.
      It took forever. I am the slowest longarmer on the planet. It did get finished, I trimmed it, and laid it on the floor in the family room and went to get the camera. And Tugger somehow roused himself from slumber and found the quilt by the time I came back with the camera. How does he do that?
     I pinned the quilt on the design wall for photos. And, oh yes, I still have to bind it before it is totally done. Looking for some real dark gray. When I put the binding on, I will photo the backing. 
     And those inner squares are still bugging me. It was called Square Value and I have the pattern around here in my files.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Searching for a leader ender quilt

     Having finished the Wonky Star quilt, which was a leader-ender for a couple of years, I have been trying to get another one established. It has to be interesting, scrap based, and friendly. I have had a hard time finding a good candidate.
     I tried Bonnie Hunter's Shoo fly, and it did nothing for me. I tried her new Leader-Ender, but endless squares did not hold my interest. The other day, I tried her Snail's Trail scrap blocks, drafting my own pattern, but when I did 6 blocks, the result seems menacing to me. 
     I like the Wonky Stars because they all looked different and the angles made things move. I am searching for another candidate and would love to know if you have any suggestions.
Drafted the pattern
Too scary for me

Saturday, August 15, 2020

ADK Stash Enhancement

     While in the ADK, I always shop at a small quilt store. For a small store, they have a very nice selection of outdoorsy flannels that I buy every year to make pillowcases for Christmas presents. I also buy a selection of batiks and choices for border fabrics. I spend a chunk of money there. The owners are capable and nice, but are always silent and you can only get one word answers out of them. No music, no friendly atmosphere. I try to look past that and keep them in business. This year, having little outside contact with quilt people, I tried engaging them in conversation about anything. Nothing. All the time during two visits while cutting all the fabric, no talk. It drove me a bit nuts. I crave small talk from shop owners about what they are up to. Here is the fabric.
Batiks and some border fabrics as well as some neutral batik for mask linings
Pairs of flannel fabrics for pillowcases- cuff and body, photo muddied the colors
Hoffman water ombre fabric, just had to have after staring at lakes all week.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Needed break

     Last week was our annual family vacation in the Adirondack mountains, probably my most favorite place. Our entire family rents a house for 10 near Old Forge, NY and enjoys the gorgeous landscape. This year, it was a great break from the coronavirus trap. 
     I took my sewing machine and set it up in a corner, but only got to make masks. I should have set in up on the deck overlooking a lake, but I think the rain would have done it in. We were fortunate to have just one day of heavy rain from the hurricane and none of its winds.
First Lake
     It was so cool and wonderful there. Nights where you had to use a blanket and snuggle.
First Lake      
First Lake in fog, hiding McCauley Mt.
Lock and Dam trail

View of Fulton Chain from McCauley Mt. Chairlift
Start of paddling trip down Moose River
Waiting for truck pickup at end of trip
End at North Street Bridge on Moose River