Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Princess ready to go

     I finally finished quilting the Princess quilt for a friend's child, bound it, washed it, labeled it and just waiting to connect to deliver it. Of course, my granddaughter wants one now. I don't know if I can take that many princesses again.

Bordered and ready to quilt

     The One Block Wonder newest quilt is all sewn up and ready to choose a backing and quilt. I love it.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Disappearing 4 patch sample block

     Sometimes I just need to make something new without thinking about what it will become. I saw this cool 4 patch disappearing 4 patch or teresa down under and had to try it. I started with 5" blocks. Here are my finished sample blocks. I think a whole quilt out of these would be terrific.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Newest One Block wonder sewn

     All the rows have been sewn. I just love it. I have been searching for another fabric to make a new one, no luck so far. Now I have been trying to get the borders decided. I used every hexagon minus two halves.

The skinny border decided,
I am leaning to the right side fabric for the larger border

Some disassembly required

     A quilting friend of mine brought me a machine that she got for $7.00 at Savers Mart. She wondered if I could find a home for it. The first thing I did was disassemble everything that could be cleaned. I copiously oiled everything, delinted the whole bobbin area, removed dust bunny families from the needle bar area inside, etc. Then I polished all the metal pieces. The belt needs replacing and now all that remains is to clean the oxidized surface, assemble and test the stitching. I hope it gets claimed for a sewing home. I have enormous fun doing this- getting cruddy metal back into humming as a wonderful precision machine!

Bits and pieces, bit and pieces

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A whale of a quilt

     What I mean is the size. The biggest I ever quilted. It just fit on my frame. Yikes. I was asked to quilt the President's gift. Our guild's term for president is three years- from quilt show to quilt show. At the end, the president gets a gift. Like a wall hanging, scrapbook, etc. This year we were asked to make blocks. When the quilt, backing and batting showed up, I fell over when the quilt was unfolded- it was immense. I had to keep the quilting simple, but interesting. I only had 2 weeks to quilt it as it had to be bound and labeled in time for our party. I was relieved to get it out the door. 
Can you say fill the frame?

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Happy Vintage Surprise

     With the help of a friend finding the fabric, I was able to create the Christmas card design that was in my head. The fabric matched the sketch I did days earlier. I am not going to show the cards now as they need to get in the mail. I have to write them out, but all else is done. 
     However, the fabric needed an edge and the stitches on the Singer 401 just were not the right thing. I had some novelty yarn left from when I knit funky scarves and tried to think how to attach it. I tried to use a zig zag over it, but it kind of looked mashed. I opened the vintage manual from the 401 and looked for ideas. Lo and behold, there was a foot designed to couch yarns and do some other stuff. I dug out the box of attachments and there it was. It seemed rather tinny and small and I thought it was going to be a joke. I screwed it on, used the blind stitch, and it sewed the trim on flawlessly and easily with no learning curve. I was so surprised- and grateful. I don't need another reason to love my vintage machine collection, but this was a real good one. I sewed all 100 fabrics to the heavy interfacing with the trim. Yes!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cool Kaffe HST asymmetrical

     A while back I got suckered into buying some Kaffe charm packs (MSQC got me again). I made HSTs with Kona Ash Gray. All trimmed with the Bloc Loc ruler. Played around on the wall until I found an asymmetrical design that appealed to me. I had another urgent request for a comfort quilt for a woman whose cancer came back aggressively after a short remission. Her whole family is having a crisis of a time. So, I thought this waiting in the wings quilt would make a good choice. I thought of one friend who always drafts things out, so I used graph paper to get an idea of where I was going because working to work on long diagonals, I needed to know where I was when rolling the quilt. All the Kaffe prints got the same curved ruler treatment. 
    I did use a lot of ruler work and to be honest, I don't like holding those circle and oval templates down. It gives me neck fatigue and sore shoulders. I need to find something to be grippier on the bottoms or forgo rulers. I was very happy with the quilting. The first photo is before washing and the others are after. I always wash my quilts after quilting before giving them away. They get packed in a nice tote bag with a book and card and pocket quilt. This package went out Sunday.
Washed, more texture

Back after washing

The diagram plan

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thinking hard, looking for a pop

     I finished the side triangles for the double hourglass. They are light blue, which does not show up well in the photo. It has been very gray here, and even with the lights in the house, it does not show up well. White was too stark and darker values took away from the diagonal play in the blocks.

     I participated in a batik star block swap with the Treadleon group. I made eight extra stars so I could make a 4 x 5 quilt, 12" finished blocks. My blocks are at the top and bottom and one is covering a very green star. My original 20 on the wall looked fine because the backgrounds were light value batik, but this grouping of stars needs some help. So I have been thinking of maybe skinny dark blue batik sashings, or not putting them all together. Just don't know what to do to make the stars pop. Again, poor lighting.