Thursday, November 20, 2014

Blasted in Buffalo

     I am sure if anyone watches national news, you are aware of the snow situation here. Actually, I live just north of the city and am out of the persistent band. I have only had about 5". However, my friends and family are literally trapped inside their homes. As a lifelong resident of Buffalo, I have never seen so much snow all at once. We are talking 5-6' of snow against homes. This is not the norm around here. I have been glued to the radio and on the phone to my mom and friends. There is no way to get to help them. 
     I have tried to get back on track sewing since last week I watched my grandkids 24/7 for a week while my son and daughter in law took a long overdue vacation, but the situation is serious here. My new lens came in and did not function properly, so I sent it back and with the mail situation, I am still relying on my crummy point and shoot. I continue to quilt away on Circle Dance and cut fabric into a workable system.
     My 4 year old grandson was able to make this pillowcase that he used all week on my Spartan handcrank. We both had a good time. I used Elmer's washable glue to hold the seams instead of pins. Worked great.

     The Frozen panel that I reluctantly bought in Houston has been sewn into a top. I cut off the terribly ugly pink border and added two solids and a snowflake border to make it a nice size for a 2 yr. old. Now it needs to be quilted for Christmas, so I need to get Circle Dance done.

      Also, I continue to cut fabric squares for a colorwash quilt and sort them on cheap cookie sheets. I think there is enough and it is daunting to know where to start.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Not quite an angel

     At the Quilt Festival, I managed to dent my credit card with fabric. Even standing trying to be an angel in the park across the street was futile against the siren call of fabric.
     I tried great restraint. I only bought what I knew I could not find anywhere else at this time except for the Frozen Panel and snowflake panel to make my granddaughter a quilt. I do not like and buy Disney things, but when a two year old looks at you with her big blue eyes and blonde curls and says, "Grandma Linda, make me an Elsa blankie?", I cannot be held responsible for my actions. The photos are not great until I get a new lens for my Canon Tli instead of this point and shoot.
New thread from YLI that is a 70 glazed cotton piecing thread for sewing my small scraps, quilt magnets, and yes, fabric
New Kaufman Pointillist Jewel fabric
Hand dyed spiral from Joy Fabrics

Drinking out of a firehose

     I have been back from Houston and the Quilt Festival since Saturday, but I am still in numb mode. It is not just from the long airplane jaunts. I was told by others that it would be overwhelming. I have been to NYC numerous times, so I thought that can be overwhelming, but I survived. As a visual artist, so much can be too much to digest and process.
     The Convention Center is 6 city blocks long by 2 wide. It truly is. This Festival filled it all. The Quilt Show is actually many embedded shows, all separate shows in themselves. So, think of every quilt show you have been to and put them in all in one spot, at once. The vendors stretch forever and are not limited to quilt stuff, but any kind of jewelry, clothing, skincare, and on and on. Non-quilters could drop big chunks of money as well as fabric fiends.
     Please keep in mind that I only had my inadequate point and shoot since autofocus died on my Canon Tli and could not adjust for the lighting. I am only going to include some photos. All the award winners are found much better elsewhere. This is meant as a sample of the quality and creativity.
Vendor Mania

Red Pipes from top of corner of the Convention Center as viewed
from the park across the street
Only a small portion of the Stunning Red and White exhibit
Exquisite drawing and amazing quilting in the background
Quilting designs just amazing
Notice this quilt is not solid but has cut out areas, can't fathom the construction
Dynamite quilting, composition and colors