Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Drinking out of a firehose

     I have been back from Houston and the Quilt Festival since Saturday, but I am still in numb mode. It is not just from the long airplane jaunts. I was told by others that it would be overwhelming. I have been to NYC numerous times, so I thought that can be overwhelming, but I survived. As a visual artist, so much can be too much to digest and process.
     The Convention Center is 6 city blocks long by 2 wide. It truly is. This Festival filled it all. The Quilt Show is actually many embedded shows, all separate shows in themselves. So, think of every quilt show you have been to and put them in all in one spot, at once. The vendors stretch forever and are not limited to quilt stuff, but any kind of jewelry, clothing, skincare, and on and on. Non-quilters could drop big chunks of money as well as fabric fiends.
     Please keep in mind that I only had my inadequate point and shoot since autofocus died on my Canon Tli and could not adjust for the lighting. I am only going to include some photos. All the award winners are found much better elsewhere. This is meant as a sample of the quality and creativity.
Vendor Mania

Red Pipes from top of corner of the Convention Center as viewed
from the park across the street
Only a small portion of the Stunning Red and White exhibit
Exquisite drawing and amazing quilting in the background
Quilting designs just amazing
Notice this quilt is not solid but has cut out areas, can't fathom the construction
Dynamite quilting, composition and colors


Dre in PA said...

Each of those photos is mind-blowing for their own reasons, but is the reflection of the wolf only produced by the colored thread in the stippling??

Peg said...

I'm interested in the wolf quilt too. Is the entire design done with machine embroidery? I went to a show a few years ago and several very realistic entries were embroidered entirely with thread. At the time I was wondering how many miles of thread it took to make each of these huge pieces.