Thursday, November 20, 2014

Blasted in Buffalo

     I am sure if anyone watches national news, you are aware of the snow situation here. Actually, I live just north of the city and am out of the persistent band. I have only had about 5". However, my friends and family are literally trapped inside their homes. As a lifelong resident of Buffalo, I have never seen so much snow all at once. We are talking 5-6' of snow against homes. This is not the norm around here. I have been glued to the radio and on the phone to my mom and friends. There is no way to get to help them. 
     I have tried to get back on track sewing since last week I watched my grandkids 24/7 for a week while my son and daughter in law took a long overdue vacation, but the situation is serious here. My new lens came in and did not function properly, so I sent it back and with the mail situation, I am still relying on my crummy point and shoot. I continue to quilt away on Circle Dance and cut fabric into a workable system.
     My 4 year old grandson was able to make this pillowcase that he used all week on my Spartan handcrank. We both had a good time. I used Elmer's washable glue to hold the seams instead of pins. Worked great.

     The Frozen panel that I reluctantly bought in Houston has been sewn into a top. I cut off the terribly ugly pink border and added two solids and a snowflake border to make it a nice size for a 2 yr. old. Now it needs to be quilted for Christmas, so I need to get Circle Dance done.

      Also, I continue to cut fabric squares for a colorwash quilt and sort them on cheap cookie sheets. I think there is enough and it is daunting to know where to start.


Dre in PA said...

Well, at least you are able to post!
From the piles I get the intent of the colorwash quilt by have no idea how you plan to integrate or blend them. Some sort of ombre effect perhaps?
Scallops to match the cape on the edges of the child's quilt?
Glad everyone is safe even if they're not getting out. Tonight's news was highlighting roof collapses.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You have been on my mind since I heard about the feet of snow in NY. I'm glad you are safe.

Lara B. said...

Linda, you and I must live fairly near each other. We're in Lewiston. My daughter and sister-in-laws are in Buffalo. It's been crazy! Let's just hope the thaw expected this weekend does not cause flooding.
Cute project with your grandson! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the color wash quilt!

Terri said...

I've never made a colorwash, but when I start putting blocks up on the design wall, I usually start with my favorite right in the middle. No big deal, you can always move it around later.