Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Not quite an angel

     At the Quilt Festival, I managed to dent my credit card with fabric. Even standing trying to be an angel in the park across the street was futile against the siren call of fabric.
     I tried great restraint. I only bought what I knew I could not find anywhere else at this time except for the Frozen Panel and snowflake panel to make my granddaughter a quilt. I do not like and buy Disney things, but when a two year old looks at you with her big blue eyes and blonde curls and says, "Grandma Linda, make me an Elsa blankie?", I cannot be held responsible for my actions. The photos are not great until I get a new lens for my Canon Tli instead of this point and shoot.
New thread from YLI that is a 70 glazed cotton piecing thread for sewing my small scraps, quilt magnets, and yes, fabric
New Kaufman Pointillist Jewel fabric
Hand dyed spiral from Joy Fabrics


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You got some pretty fabric!!

Dre in PA said...

I would imagine that not only do these set of circumstances demand Disney panels, but they would take priority over all other projects. ;)
Also glad to see your using the bag you worked so hard at.

Ann said...

And you will make that little girl so happy! Thanks for the reminder. I've actually been thinking mine needs that swimming mermaid that she is asking for for Christmas.....