Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Floral Zebra

      Finally, the Zebra I made from Lynne's pattern was quilted. I am not sure what got into my head, but I entered it in Quilting Unlimited Show at the View Art Gallery in Old Forge, NY.  I have entered before, but everytime I submit a quilt, I see all the flaws. My machine quilting is hand guided and all I see are the errors. I don't want computerized quilting, but I feel judged by its perfection. I love the gallery in Old Forge and having a quilt hang there is a privilege but it is up to them. I realized when I was done, that the border prints don't match up good enough. Never thought of it when I was seaming the border. Too late now.



Monday, August 30, 2021

Sid's Trucks parked

      A couple of weeks ago, I finished my grandson's quilt for his big bed. My daughter and Sid paid a quick visit a week ago and I was able to give him the quilt. He seemed to like it, especially the big dump truck on the back. I did not hear anything about it, so I asked and my daughter said he liked it on his bed. On Saturday, I was on my way home in Buffalo from a Quilters Gathering in Berlin, OH, so we popped in on our way back. I wanted to see the quilt on his bed, that is just the way that I am. When I went into his room, he had it backside frontside and upside down so the dump truck faced him. Well, I guess I can make them, but people choose how to use them. All that fussy cut fabric on the front did not impress him. This quilt is based on the Flight quilt that is enlarged to fit a twin bed.

                                              The back in my plan, not in Sid's.

Details in top band, Clouds

Details second band- designed like tire marks

Details dark band- like truck tire tread

Details in next band, curls of dust. I have been saving that Richard Scarry
piece of fabric for years. Finally got to use it!

Details bottom band, mechanical shapes like pistons moving

Details where bands meet