Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Catching Up

I am not sure why I find it so hard to download my photos and keep up the blog. I certainly am working on things. I admire those who keep daily blogs- just can't seem to work and blog.
  I have cleaned a friend's 301 that sat for 40 years and had issues with the tension, but finally got there. Another friend from my quilt guild gave me a Featherweight that her neighbor was going to pitch but remembered she sewed and offered it to her. In the case and everything. Very dirty. Just love bringing those beauties back to life. It is not just that vintage machines are old, but they still do a better job at sewing in their marvelous precision machined way. Every time I clean one I'm in awe at the machining, fit and finish. And the sewing quality, wow.






    A new comfort quilt is ready for quilting. I used scraps that I beg from people to make the crumb blocks. All of them were sewed on my vintage Singer treadle. The rest of the quilt was sewed on my 301. I will quilt it on one of my 301s.

  One of my former students just had a baby, so I used an Eric Carle panel and made up a quilt with kid fabrics. I have to quilt it now. 


   Also, my Painted Leaf panel that I made in Rochester at a Pat Pauly class bothered me. One piece just screamed out. When I found out what was involved in ripping, I was intrepid. However, Wanda, from Exuberant Color, said to try and paint it. I did paint it with Jacquard dyna-flow paints and it worked. Now I have to figure out a border and backing, but no ripping! You can compare it with one earlier, it is the 4th yellow big piece from the bottom.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Big leaf sewn

Although I have never sewn using freezer paper templates, I pushed through and sewed the whole Big leaf from the Pat Pauly workshop. The finished size will be 24 x 24, but it is a lot larger now until I crop it. I cropped it for the photo. I am ambivalent about it. I think quilting it will make me like it more. Have to find a backing.
Big Leaf sewn and cropped by camera

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A fine mess

  Over the weekend, I went to the Genesee Valley Quilt Show (gvqc.org) in Rochester, NY. One day I went with some of my guild friends to look at about 600 quilts and vendors, and another day to take a class with Pat Pauly (patpauly.com) called the Big Leaf. It was a draining day to make all kinds of color decisions and lay out the design. We used freezer paper templates. I had to take it all apart to go home and when I got home, I immediately put it on my design wall so I would not get real lost. This picture is the mess of the design before sewing together. When I get some sewed, I will post it again.
Batik pieces over freezer paper sections