Thursday, June 24, 2021

You start with a bunch of blocks...

      Almost all quilts start with blocks. Sometimes I get a bunch of blocks as a donation. In a package of donated fabric, I found two sizes of 30s fabric blocks, 6" and 8". In there were also the churndashes that I made into a quilt that the person who donated wanted back. There were some fabric squares left, so I made more 6" blocks for a total of 30. I am not a huge 30s fan, but I tried to figure out somehow a way to show them off, but add a light touch. I did not realize that the blocks, made from 2 1/2" fabric, had been trimmed to 6" before I made the rest of the 10 blocks, so I ended up trimming the blocks I made to match when I went to assemble the quilt. Yikes.
     I used a cream with a white print for the interior blocks, a white on white for the setting triangles,  a light yellow print for the border, and a wonderful print periwinkle for the outer border. Setting the blocks on point I think gave it more excitment although more work. It is 54" x 63" now. I think it will work for a child comfort quilt.
    Now I have those 8" blocks to contend with, hmm.

The large block pile, the small was similar

Adding borders

Completed pieced top

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

H2H finshed, Utah bound

      Finally, I finished the last and third quilt for the Hands 2 Help drive from Sarah. All three tops were sent to me by Alycia from women she knows. I added borders and quilted them. Packed them all up and the box goes out this morning to Emily. The postage cost took my breath away. Yikes.
     I think that the border I added and the quilting enhanced and calmed down the xblocks so that it is quite lovely.
     I admit that receiving tops, tweaking them and quilting them for comfort quilts is quite pleasantly satisfying and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope I can do it again.

The original top I received

The finished top, Stonehenge fabric border, stripe binding

Back, a batik that I had to soak for a while to stop bleeding

Quilting texture before washing

Quilting texture after washing

The quilt roll as packed

Monday, June 21, 2021

A-Mazeing quilt

      I quilted a quilt from someone else because they asked and I could do it. She blogged about it here. It was a Maze design. I had to stare at it for a while to figure out what would look best for the color and requests she wrote. I decided to do different motifs in the different colors. I used Gray Glide 60 for the top thread and DecoBob Dove Gray for the bobbin. Gratefully, it gave me very little tension isues.
     The binding was a flange binding. I sewed it on the back with PremoSoft gray and the front with YLI monofilament, clear. I washed it then and immediately bagged it, packed it, and it arrived clear across the country just as it was supposed to. The best part was it was exactly what was wanted, whew.

The front before washing

The back

When washed, the texture shows much better

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Hard one to let go

      Some quilts have a convoluted history. I have some friends who insisted I try to make a Judy Niemeyer quilt. I chose Sea Urchin. They showed me how to paper piece her way. I bought the pattern and gathered the horde of fabric it took. Loved the pattern, loved the fabric. However, making the top was a nightmare of boredom and slowness. Over a couple of years, I started and put it away repeatedly.
     Finally, I gathered it all up and gave it to the friends who started me on the whole boondoggle. I told them they could finish if they wanted and give it away to one of their charity groups.
     I was totally surprised when they gave it back to me, all finished, and told me it was the hardest one of hers they have ever done (they have done almost all of them). It has been on a hanger in my tops closet waiting its turn to be quilted.
    A close friend of mine has had a reoccurrence of breast cancer (25 yrs. remission) and I offered her a comfort quilt package. First she said no, because she is not fond of quilts, but then she said yes. I invited her to come and look at my tops and pick out one, or I would make one for her. I should have done as Wanda does- pick out three or four- and then have them choose. As I pulled tops out of my closet, she spied Sea Urchin, pulled it out and said that is the only one she liked as it was "graphic". I showed her my ideas for the backing, and quilted it. Boy, was it tough to piece- those paper pieced seams are difficult to penetrate.
     When it was quilted, I had real pangs of regret. By the time I finish quilting, in my mind, the quilt is already given but this time it was different. I loved the quilt- colors, quilting, backing and binding. I washed it and bagged it for the package and gave it away yesterday. It was the hardest quilt I ever gave away. I feel guilty for feeling that way, but I did it and she loves it.