Saturday, November 30, 2019

Other creative pursuits

     It is the time for Christmas cards. Every year I make over 100, so the process cannot be too elaboarate for each card. It also makes it hard that people tell me how wonderful the last one was which puts pressure on me to top or equal it. I hate to be judged on my work.
     This year, I am experimenting with Brusho watercolor crystals, water spraying, carving a tree stamp, salt and white paint. I am not to the point where the cards are being produced. 100 cards is a lot of cards to make. I do not do copies or giclees as I like to give original work, thus I give myself headaches.
     Also, my granddaughter insisted that I make her a doll. I am 3D challenged and when sewing stuffed parts onto non-stuffed parts, I sweat and rip a lot. She would not relent, so we found a pattern online, and I ripped a lot. She says I am the best grandma ever. I will endure ripping and 3D trials for that. I could embroider the face fine, as that is not 3D dependent. Couldn't figure out the shoes.

Friday, November 29, 2019

O my stars swap

    I have not participated in a swap for a long time. The last time I started, I had a heart attack, so I thought when Barb put it out, I would go for it and do the modern blocks.  I don't like making the flying geese in the big square with little squares method, so I used my Easy Angle and Companion Angle ruler. I have made about 20 so far. After it dawned on me that I have a 2 1/2" triangle die. I am going to recut the rest of the triangles on it so I can be really, really precise. I will still use the Companion Angle for the white triangle and they are all cut. 
     I am also using the Acorn Precision piecing seam align glue I bought at a quilt show for Precision Piecing instead of pins or hanging on tight. Works terrific on the small pieces.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

All bricked in

     I finally finished the 2 x 4 quilt I call "Bricks". It is a fun and easy pattern. It can be found at  for free. I have made more than 1. This seemed perfect for a whole bunch of 2 1/2" batik strips I had cut up. The gray border is also batik. The binding is the stripe fabric I bought in Ohio a couple of weeks ago. Love those stripes. 
     My cat, the quilt assassin, was at it again when I laid the quilt out for photography, so I had to go outside. Luckily the weather was cooperative. His look says "I have no idea who dove into the quilt."  
      Quilted with Mocha Glide on top, DecoBob gray in the bobbin.


On the design wall inside
Back with label

Friday, November 22, 2019

A class in Stars

     Over 3 years ago, I booked the teacher, Debbie Thomas- a cerified Studio 180 instructor, to teach at our guild. I chose the Tucker Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star, because I thought the stars could be used in a myriad of ways in all kinds of sizes instead of a one project workshop. Before the workshop, we had to cut all the strips. There were a lot of strips in lots of sizes. We had strips for stars 3" through 12". There was plenty to do in the all day workshop that there is no time to cut strips. Debbie was an excellent teacher and helped us all get those stars made.
All packed up

I highly recommend this tool if you want exact star points easily with strip and chain piecing and NO paper piecing. These are the 3", 6" and 12" stars. Love the colors, love the batik I chose. Now to finish all the other strips. I even bought a sheet on how to fussy cut the stars.
Our guild class

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Very quick trip

     A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I did a quick overnight trip to Berlin, Ohio to look at wood and fabric and the awesome scenery. We are not going again in November because we hit wet, heavy snow from Erie to Akron on the way down, the days are too short and thus it is dark way too fast in Amish country, and the ride back was in the dark and, again, some snow from Erie to Angola, NY along Interstate 90 (or the 90 as we call it in NY). 
    Despite the conditions, the land is so beautiful. We stayed at an Amish B&B and it had a room that I chose, called The Quilters Room. It had a treadle, decorations, quilts, a quilt wallpaper border and neat little wood houses and shops displayed. The B&B was on a big hill, so I was able to take some phenomenal photos from there. Beautiful landscapes get me all the time.

If anyone knows where to buy these little houses, let me know. None in giftshops there, just China junk.

The start of the road up the hill.
Near the top of the road. A real treat coming back at night from dinner with no lights at all.
    We went to Keim Lumber in Charm, where my husband drools more than me in a fabric store. I went to Millers in Charm and Zinck's in Berlin where I found some things I could use.
The stripes are for binding, the black and white for a block exchange, and the others, because. I did not get a shot of the RWB fabric I bought at Zinck's before I cut it up for the Mystery Quilt by Alycia.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A view from the opposite side

     The other side being Canada, just across from the photos I took last time from Fort Niagara. Last week Tuesday sounded like the last nice day for a long while, so my husband and I drove across to Canada and biked around Niagara-on-the-Lake, one of my favorite spots ever. The little town, founded in 1792, is so charming. It was just gorgeous that day. I was able to photograph the Fort from the Canada side and walk through the little park that has my lovely gazebo. So fortunate to do this. On Thursday, 60 mile an hour winds whipped through our area and ripped off all our beautiful fall leaves, so enjoy them here.
Looking through the yards of NOTL across the Niagara River to Fort Niagara, NY
 Fort Niagara that we toured a couple of weeks ago. Niagara River in front, Lake Ontario to the left and rear
Part of the Park
Part of the Park just an hour later
Right over the ridge is the River and then the American side

My favorite little gazebo. The equipment is fixing shoreline erosion caused by record high Lake Ontario waters that backspill into the Niagara River.

On the River shore of the Park. Great question, right?

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Two more out the door

     The past week had a lot of demand for comfort  quilts. I had to really hustle to finish them. The Cats Lattice left Tuesday. The Disappearing 4 patch left today, and the Plus quilt is leaving Tuesday. The quilts were kitted up with a tote bag, book, pocket quilt, card and bagged in an XXL zip plastic. I pray that they deliver their comfort to the recipients who surely need it. Hope I get a little break before another request pops in. I have plenty of tops, but they need quilting and kitting up. And my quilting has a lot of problems with the longarm that I am not going into right now.
Blocks left from a bigger Dis 4 Patch, added lattice and bigger border.
The back
The Plus quilt with piano keys border
The back