Friday, November 25, 2016

Another quilt, another home

     Finally, I quilted the Maybe strip quilt that I did a blog tutorial on,
     There was a time crunch because I got a request for someone undergoing treatment now. Although I had the backing sewn and batting cut, I was working quilting a king size quilt which was a favor for a surprise gift that seemed like it took forever. As soon as that big hummer was off the frame, I quilted the Maybe quilt, put the pocket on the tote bag, made the card, washed the quilt and packaged the whole thing up in my last XL ziploc bag. It was delivered to Brenda and now I have a second quilt loaded that is also a request. I had to take the photos inside due to rain, so they are not as good as they should be.

I love the pieced backing 
Quilting detail on back
Quilting detail on front

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Always seem to need more cards!

     Of course, there were occasions and I needed cards. My son and his wife's anniversary, a couple of birthdays, a baby girl, and thank you. I cannot make the same card twice- it is some kind of sickness I have. These used heavy wt interfacing, the Crafted Applique mod podge technique, and batik scraps. Just a little sewing for cohesion of design. Then double stick tape to cardstock. I already need more.
Anniversary card

Birthday card

Abstract fun

Monday, November 14, 2016

Just those pesky side triangles!

     The double hour glass layout is done, but I can't think what color the side triangles should be. I like on point quilts, but choosing the sides and sewing together is always a bit tricky. Have to do more thinking, but I really need that wall!

No turning back, it is sew time!

     I did a whole lot of layouts but decided on this one for the OBW and did the value check on it also. I have to work with the blocks that are, not what I might think I would like. I only had two half pieces left over. Four rows are all stitched together.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Love the OBW!

     One Block Wonders- can't get enough of them! They seem like magic- each one different and gorgeous. The trick is to find the right fabric- a big repeat (I like 24"), not a ton of background, and distinct, varied areas. Takes me a long time to find the right fabric. This is the fabric I used- bought in Meadville, PA at Fox's Sew and Vac: 
    After sewing the triangles, these are the first attempts at arranging. Got a long way to go moving things around.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Ready to sew up

     The Disappearing Hourglass quilt, MSQC pattern, is on the wall laid out, ready to label columns, and then sew. I used a layer cake and had twelve made blocks left over. I am going to try to set those on point with plain fabric blocks between. That is a stretch for me (math).
     Also, I have all the blocks sewn and trimmed for a double hourglass, ready to go on the wall after another quilt. It is such an easy block- sew 2 WOF strips (contrasting), cut into triangles with the Companion Angle, assemble into same fabric pairs, then 2 pairs together make a square. Then square it up.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Strange November

     Here in Buffalo, NY the leaves are still mostly on the trees. Things are blooming that did not all summer. Summer was a drought. No matter how much I watered, some plants did not flower much. Now that is November, when usually the frost has killed everything, there are some terrific flowers.

This is more flowers than this hydrangea had all summer
Endless Summer never got a bloom like this all summer

These red snapdragons are absolutely velvety and lush!

Autumn crocus more timely

The ginko got planted and you can see the size next to Miss J

Picking myriad of fabrics- next project

     When our guild was on its field trip to the Quilt Farm, I saw a quilt that grabbed my attention and bought the pattern. It was Harvest Dawn. I only bought background fabric and was determine to pick batiks out of my stash to make this. I pulled out lots of fabrics and tried to put them in a value scale. I need 42 strips, 2 of each color. I took multiple photos and changed the photos to black and white to figure it out. Now I have to cut strips from all this fabric.
First try, light to dark, 3 sets of colors
Problem in the dark values

Better arrangement 
Final colors to cut into 2 1/2" strips