Wednesday, September 30, 2020

A bit of a break

     My painting teacher holds a paint out every September on Chautauqua Lake at the Chautauqua Institution. I went for a couple of days. Demo in the morning, paint the rest of the day, critique at 4:00. My husband went with me and just walked and walked and read on the little porch of The Maple Inn. Normally, the Institution is very pricey, but the season ends in August. The quaint houses are outrageously expensive and all closed up now. The season is from June-August. It has all kinds of music, arts, theater, lectures, etc. during that time. This year, all cancelled. I have mixed feelings about the place. Only the very rich have access unless you are one of the presenters/entertainment (who have to rent elsewhere). These gorgeous houses sit empty most of the year, many zippered up in huge canvas protectors. It is gated and you have to have a pass (bar coded) to enter and exit. I won't get any more political than that and bite my tongue. 

    My daugher-in-law's cousin was the head landscaper until her tragic death due to hospital error about 5 years ago. The Institute finished the garden she designed and it has grown up to be a lovely place.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

RWB Chevron quilted

     This quilt top has been done for a long time. I used a wide back for it to make it easier to get going. It is a Missouri Star pattern using a layer cake that was donated to me. I had to wash the layer cake due to basement funk smell from the donor. I set the squares outside on a sheet to dry and came back 15 minutes later to find them blown all over my backyard and front. I had to retrieve squares from under bushes and all over. It was kind of funny.
     Finally, it was loaded and I quilted a different pattern every white area, but straight lines on the print fabric. I used Glide Military Gold top and bottom. Used stripe fabric for the binding. It actually was very fun to quilt. 
     I am saving it for a veteran quilt donation. It isn't washed yet and I am sure the quilting will look even better then.


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Late Summer bold and beautiful blooms

     I love the late blooms of Summer. The colors are so bold and bright. I found a great sunflower stand on my daughter's street in PA. We visited a sunflower farm near me and my garden has some fun flowers. I grew the zinnias, Mexican torch sunflower, four o'clocks, and nasturtiums from seeds I bought from Select Seed.

Sunflower group at the corner of my daughter's street in Saegertown, PA

Variegated nasturiums
Buying a whole raft of these next year
Snapdragons and pink coreopsis
4 o'clocks
Petite zinnias

Small section of the sunflower farm

The farm had many mixed varieties to view and a whole other huge field to cut

Monday, September 14, 2020

Binding on, glamour shots

     I did finish the binding on Square Value. I used black postage marked fabric that I bought from Connecting Threads. I bought every shade of that postage mark fabric. I love it for everything- borders, backs and bindings. Wish I had bought more. It also is a great weight and weave, so it folds great. My neighbor let me use her fence to shoot the full shots, and my front garden was happy to host the quilt. Outside light makes the quilt so much better to see the tones.