Monday, October 18, 2021


      A border was added to Blue Bargello because I did not want to bind on the seam edge and  have all that bulk in the binding. I think I was able to add the right color and width to the quilt without diminishing the sparkle. Just got lucky, I guess.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

It's a cut- Pixel Chain

      I have had a Kaffe jelly roll for a while that MSQC got me with. I decided to make the Pixel Chain quilt. Cutting everything up was time consuming and I did it while I did not have access to a machine. Now it is all cut, and I used some freezer paper to lay the first blocks out on. I am trying to figure a way to chain piece these somewhat so it does not take me forever.

      I will try to chain piece the top and bottom row and then the next two identical rows. Having all the pieces on the freezer paper helps to keep everything organized.

All bagged up and cut

15 more Block 1 to go, then Block 2

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

ADK in the fall

      We were able to stay at a teeny cottage in the Adirondacks (ADK) in Old Forge, NY for 4 nights and take 2 grandkids. The weather was chilly, but sunny. It was grand. It was less than half peak, this week is peak.
     I think I would live up there but for the distance to get medical care and supplies. I love to visit and drink in the scenery. I took my sketchbooks and was able to do a little work. With the photographs and sketches, hopefully paintings will follow.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Hopefully back in posting rhythm

     I have no idea where the last month went. I went to PA to help my daughter out when her daycare closed due to 1 case of Covid and was there for a week. We went on our scheduled 4 day trip to the Adironadacks, and then some other running around. Trying to get things put away.
    The one big project I got done was assembling the Blue Bargello. It had sat in strips too long. The first half was done a while ago. The other strips were pinned up longing to be sewn together. I sewed the first half with my lovely Singer 301. I decided to sew the second half with my 115 yr. old Singer 15 treadle. You cannot believe the gorgeous stitch it makes. The machine is such a balanced and engineered marvel. I only wish the complicated bobbin winder worked.
     I know I will put a border on it because I do not want all those seams in the binding edge. I don't know how wide or what color. I am thinking at least 3" finished as I used 2 1/2" strips for the bargello. Maybe a dark blue, hmm.
     The pattern is a freebie.

Sewing the srips on the treadle. Kind of funny- the treadle backs up to my iMac.

I like it better flipped opposite of the pattern picture. Blue tape strip numbers not yet removed.