Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Inspiration from the Neighborhood

     This is time of the year around here that is quite lovely with flowers and colors. I went for a walk around the neighborhood where I knew some great specimens were hanging around. Wisteria is among my favorites and the rare red chestnut is fabulous also. I use a real camera as I think I get the best shots with it. Now if I can translate these colors and textures into quilts.
Pink dogwood


Red Chestnut


Friday, May 19, 2017

Starburst quilting

     This is one of my favorites so far. I love indigo and I love this design. I love the quilting. It is going to be a hard one to give away. Here it is on the longarm.
        Here it is outside without the binding. I chose the binding, now I have to make it and attach it. Then I can show the back also.

The Demo quilt

     Last Monday, I was the presenter at my guild for intro to machine quilting. We had just bought a Sony handicam and Epson projector, and I was the first to be projected on the wall so the whole guild could see. It was a bit disconcerting, because I had no idea what was being projected behind me. I did not know if it was a close up of me sewing or what. I prepped for two months. I am not a writer, and had to make a handout of basics. To write 3 pages with links and illustrations (tension) took me way too long and too much sweat. It is hard to distill what you know and recommend on a handout in a logical, coherent manner. I had an outline with all the supporting materials and supplies with post it notes by number. I had everything set up and I realized I had forgotten the cone holder, so I had to sew with spools of cotton thread when I use Glide polyester. Lots of skipped stitches. 
    I made three sandwiches, 16 x 16, to show the types of patterns and brought a whole lap size quilt made from some left over panel squares and plain fabric with sashing. I used leftover panel squares on the back also. I showed how to handle a quilt and move it under the needle. Now, I have to finish the quilt on my domestic machine because it can't get rolled on my longarm. My domestic machine quilting is a little rusty, but I will try and finish it on my trusty Singer 301.
Disappearing nine patch
Some of the work I did in the demo

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Kaleidoscope woes

     In April, I took a kaleidoscope class with Sujata Shah called Organized Chaos. I made all the blocks with some extra for a bigger quilt than the pattern. I put them on the wall. I tried to make the flower blooms, every other block. I realized that I did not cut enough big triangles to make these. I don't have any more fabric on most of these to cut the bigger triangles. I did not realize I needed  at least twelve of the color when making the bloom. I am sort of stuck. Maybe I can find fabric close to the blocks I want to bloom. I would have chosen fabric differently had I known how this whole thing works. I am too far into it now to quit. My design wall is occupied and stalled. I wish I lived close to Maureen!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Another Maybe

     Last year, I did the tutorial for the Maybe quilt on Sarah's blog. I have made a lot of these as comfort quilts. This one is finished and all in the bag for delivery tomorrow to a young woman who works in my husband's department who is battling breast cancer. It is washed and all plumped up. Again, the lovely Miss J holds the edge down to keep it from furling.

Detail- Nora's rose from Lori Kennedy

The back's fabric is only pieced on the top edge here-
the rest is the fabric pattern. Love the striped binding.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The pocket challenge

     I was given a large amount of tote bags for my comfort quilts by a travel agent that were excessed. They are great for the quilts, but have no front pocket for the book and card I include. The bag is used to carry the quilt to treatments. I usually use a stray block for the pocket, but had none. I poked through the scraps people give me and found these pieced rectangle batik blocks. 
      I folded them in half, cut on the fold, and reassembled them in 4 patches placing the skinny long piece at the centers. I was able to get four of them. I cut some white for the back, and sewed all the pockets, turned them inside out, and pinned them on the bags. 
     I sew these on the potted motor Singer 15 as it is heavy duty and just powers through the straps on the bag. It is hard to maneuver the bag under the foot, so it is slow going. I did four bags so the next comfort quilt packages will be easier to finish. 
     I was pleased with myself to figure out these pockets quickly and attractively. Once in a while, inspiration strikes, otherwise it is all perspiration.
The rectangle scrap blocks from somebody's project
Cut in half rectangle blocks
4 patches 
Pockets with backing, the bag with logo to be covered
and pocket attached

Three bags done

The whole package, Maybe quilt, book, card, pocket quilt. It gets put in an XL Ziploc bag with handle.

Monkey Business washed and wrapped

     I know I posted this quilt before, but now it is washed and plumped up, and is packed to go to Hands2Help Challenge recipient Camp Hobe. It is called Monkey Business. It was very windy and my able assistant held down one side so I could photograph it. Tomorrow it gets mailed.