Thursday, June 16, 2016

Trimming, on wall and webbing

     It all started with these: my scrap basket. The flowering snowball was all made with what was found in here except for the yellow curve pieces. Those were bigger scraps.

      Then was all the trimming that I did with the June Tailor ruler. It kept everything flat and I could cut two sides at a time. I used the rotating mat.
      Then were tiny, slivery scraps from trimming.
      Then placing on the wall and rearranging and arranging.
       Finally, it was webbed so all the rows are together. Seems cumbersome, but I never screw up sewing something out of order.


Ramona said...

I web sew my rows together, too. Not only does it keep things in order, but I think it goes faster sewing the blocks together this way. It is more of a pain to press the seams though. :)

Panto Pam said...

Beautiful scrappy quilt!!

Lara B. said...

Linda, your flowering snowball quilt is amazing! I love the way you pieced your scraps and how the colors look against the yellow. Great sewing methods too!