Wednesday, October 23, 2013

That Magic Moment

    Don't leave me out here by myself, but there comes a point in creating a quilt that it becomes a quilt- not a collection of fabrics, batting and thread- but a cohesive whole thing- an object who is more than the sum of its parts. It moves differently and feels different. This usually happens at some point when the binding is being sewn on. It starts to drape differently going through the machine and has a different kind of body- sort of sculptural. It is the magic moment. Today, sewing the 3 dudes quilt binding, it happened when I was sewing the binding, when I was sewing on the front, catching the back of the binding, about 8 inches into it. I just stop and marvel. No matter what the front looks like, now it is a quilt. Awesome.
   Pieced on a Singer 301, quilted on another 301, binding sewn on a Singer 401.
   All I have left is to put the pockets on the tote bag and pack it. I will wash both the quilt and the bag, then sew the pockets on as the bag really shrinks and would pucker the pockets. The clean quilt, bag, book and card will be put in a plastic bag, waiting to be given to the recipient.

Borders quilted with Squiggle Square, courtesy The Inbox Jaunt

Flip side, Back corner

Back of quilt, fabric donated by Esta