Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Spa day and marker dyeing

    How is that for a random title? On Sunday, I gave all my machines that are out a spa day out of gratitude for their service. All got polished, oiled, de-inted, and examined. It was very satisfying to service these excellent machines and I know they will reward me. They are mostly the same age as I. I have to take the treadle out of the cabinet and service the varnishy gook on the metal pieces underneath. I sew with it, so I hate to have to take it out the cabinet.
Ready to do business   

    I was talked into teaching a marker dyeing class on scarves at Enjoy the Journey Gallery on October 11th at 6:30. What I really want to do is teach quilting, but I have no takers. This is a sample of the piece I am using to show before and after with the markers. I will post pictures after the class on student projects.

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