Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thread catchers

    I have already admitted it, I am 3D sewing challenged. Someone suggested I make a threadcatcher as a gift for someone who could use some sewing studio things. So, I found a super tutorial that even I could follow. I made two, I think I will keep one. I had some old painty hinges that I used to weigh down the pincushion. I cut a paint stirring stick in half lengthwise and widthwise  for the back of the bag. I used some vintage buttons to hold the pincushion to the bag. I think they are great. I can't wait until I can give it away!

1 comment:

Sally in WA said...

Your threadcatchers look great! I like the sewing print on the yellow fabric. Thanks for the positive comment on my tutorial and the link back. I hope the recipient of yours gets a lot of use out of it. I sure do like mine!