Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Journey Bag is Done!

   Today, I finished the Journey Bag. I saw it when I visited the vendors at Quilting by the Lake in July and bought it based on the finished one they had on display. The pattern photo does not show off the bag. To say I had difficulty with it is an understatement. My friend, Pat, came over and helped me make paper pattern pieces so we could see how the fabric was to go. This helped immensely. Second, there are too many pieces for such a small bag. I would like to make another one, but I have to rethink how to combine pieces and steps. Pat helped immensely to get all the fabric decided, cut out and labeled. All the interfacings also. 
   Next, my guild friend, Cathy, helped me sort out how to put the zipper in (20+ years since I sewed a zipper) and sew the bag to the lining and turn it. After I went home I could do that. I did not make the strap, I bought cotton pre-made strapping. So, I finished it and don't like the knot that ties on the handle. Have to figure that out. Looks lumpy.
   When I tried it on and filled it up, everything fits, but it is too tight. If I take the iPad out, I can get my hand in the purse. I don't know if I make it a couple of inches wider, if that would handle and solve it. I just have a hard time figuring 3D stuff.
   I like the fabric and the basic look, but the pattern needs to be simplified. Guess I need more expert help.
SIde with iPad pocket

Side with pocket for cell phone and two front pockets

VIew of bag from top

Inside pocket, tight fit

Better fit with iPad out of front pocket

Lots of inside pockets
   On Friday, I will be hosting a FREE FRIDAY PATTERN giveaway. You will just have to comment and let someone else know about this blog. I will send it to you, if chosen, free and free shipping.


Jan said...

Oh, it's cute! Looks like if you added 2.5 inches all around if might be better. Do you know the trick of slicing a pattern down the middle and putting the extra in? Easy and fast!

Unknown said...

I love your journey bag! I think we all could use one (or many!).