Monday, October 28, 2013

Sweet machines

  Over the past couple of days, I have been doing tandem cleaning. The 201 is mine, with the dead wires, but is now all cleaned. I took everything apart- hook (thanks to Rain's tutorial), stitch regulator housing, tension dial, cleaned and oiled every piece of metal. I could just gaze at the 201. I don't know what it is about its shape that is just so appealing. It is not dated looking and sits ready to do business. Now, just to get the motor rewired which I am going to leave to capable hands not my own. I just dream of what the straight stitches will look like.

Minus the handwheel and motor

All clean, just the picture is fuzzy, not the hook area now, isn't that scroll plate just gorgeous?

Back view
   The 15 belongs to a friend who just had it shipped from her mother's house by her dad. It is just lovely with its decals. The sun decal under the throat is spectacular. However, it looks like in the rays are some non-English writing. I wonder what that is all about, since the writing is not symmetrical in the rays. Inside, very dirty, especially the lint rug petrified in the hook area. Thanks to Andrea's advice, I bought some dental type picks at Harbor Freight and was able to remove it successfully. Getting the hook cover back on the hook was very hard, I don't know why, but it took a lot of muttering and prayer over a couple of days and I have no idea why it finally clicked together. The bobbin case has a broken latch, so that was interesting getting it off. The motor wires, toast. I have a motor from a Spartan that I may use as this motor is not an original but looks a little too light weight for me. 
   Sorry folks, this is my idea of a GREAT time.
Lint rug, not any more!

Pre-cleaning, just that one rubbed off spot of decals

Elegant spoked wheel

Uh, oh, motor wire alert!

Hook, pre-cleaning, hard to get back together, broken bobbin latch


Peg said...

I love 201's... but I LOVE 15's even better (somehow that feminine curvy body of the 15's really appeals to me - the 201 looks more masculine}. While it's true you can't beat the precision of a 201 straight stitch, I mostly sew curves and do free motion - for which the 15 is superior)

And no apologies for having a lotta fun cleaning out lint rugs. My idea of a good time too. There's just so much satisfaction cleaning and shining a neglected "Oldie but Goodie."

Linda Swanekamp said...

I do have a 15, it is my treadle featured in another post. I make my scrap quilts, crumb blocks on it. It is also a great machine. Something about the potted motor directly driving the shaft that is appealing although there are some 15s with potted motors. Glad to know I am not the only one who revels in clean, classic machines