Sunday, October 6, 2013

"New" Treadle

   My wonderful husband picked up this treadle for me because I was working at the quilt show. I bought it from Craiglist. I really just wanted the irons and the cabinet. I am going to put a Singer 237 in it so I can treadle zig zag. I don't have the 237 yet. I was hoping the machine in it was in good shape so I could pass it on. But, it seems rather in bad shape. It is a Lotus Singer 66-1. If I knew someone wanted it for free, I would redo it. Right now, I have to refinish the cabinet and the irons and that is all I can handle. More photos are on my flickr site.  I think the cabinet is just a lovely piece of workmanship. I got the bug to do this at the CNYTOGA when I blissfully treadled a 237.
The beautiful, but needing refinishing, cabinet,
the center drawer was removed for moving

Look at that detail!

The dirty irons
The back

The front

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Elizabeth said...

I love that cabinet! All of mine are very "Puritan"