Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Basting on the wall

    For the smaller, lap size quilts, I prefer to spray baste. I think it works just fine and saves my fingers from those pins. Last night, at my guild circle time, I sewed the backing and saftety pin basted the Split Decision quilt with the help of guild members who are always so generous with their time and advice. So, my fingers are smarting today. Today, since it was not quite freezing, I dragged out Emma's Star and the 4 patch square in a square, both comfort quilts, to spray baste outside in my garage on the wall. I have used Sullivans spray before and like it, but no store around me carried it, so I had to buy June Tailor from Joann's. Not so good. I don't like the lack of tackiness and feeble spray compared to the Sullivan's. Sulllivan's probably had some "bad" stuff in it, so I can't get it. Never mind that you have to use twice as much as the June Tailor to get some adhesion. I am including the pictures because some people said they like to see the process. So I am ready to quilt!
Backing taped on wall, batting adhered (sort of), extra fabric to be trimmed

Backing for Emma's Star taped up

Batting added on top

Emma's Star stuck down

The good stuff, have to mail order it around here
Very light tackiness, have to really load up the surface, won't buy again

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