Sunday, October 6, 2013

2013 Quilt Show

 Well, it is in the rear view mirror now. The Kenmore Quilters Patch tri-annual quilt show is done. My guild only has about 40 members, yet they are the most dynamite ladies. Everyone chips in and cooperates to pull something like this off. It was gorgeous. We had more quilts than space. Everyone brought in mums, sewing related decor, and worked like crazy. It took 5 hours to set up. Due to a bridezilla on Saturday, we had to take the show down immediately, with all hands, it took about a half an hour. Many of the women are over 60 and they are energizer bunnies. When my son came with my granddaughter (1 1/2), they all loved her. 
  My son was surprised that so many "old women" did something like this. I told him, the bodies may be old, but they don't think old, but are always learning and doing instead of looking to be entertained or complaining. I was honored to be included. I did win second place for art quilts, and second in the challenge. All my quilts got hung open. My flicker site:  has more photos, but these are some below.
  Some highlights: our boutique with a lot of wonderful handmade items. Our stuff all the scraps you can in a baggie for $1, over 30 over the top baskets raffled, super vendors, talking about quilts for two day and techniques. The hundreds of quilts. The labels had the quilt story on them. Some made me cry, some laugh. 

Challenge quilts- a movie, had to have a star, and we had to guess the movie
Some of the art quilts, mine on the bottom with award
OMIGOSH, I want to learn how to do this!

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Jan said...

It was an incredible experience. I love that you took photos from above! Your quilts are gorgeous. I want to learn how to do that quilt, too! Let's get her to teach us!