Tuesday, November 5, 2013

15 is clean!

   My friend's 15 is ready to go home.  The pre-cleaning photos are on Oct. 28. The new motor, foot controller, power cord, belt, bobbin case, throat plate, and felts came in from Sew-Classic. I installed everything and tried out the stitches, fiddling with the tension. I made the foot controller a bag like Elizabeth does using the machine. I sewed about 15 blocks with a side strip on the Attic Windows crumb quilt to try it out. I think it is good. The hardest part was printing out the manual. My printer refused to print out all the pages. It just would not print out page 15. Why is it always the computer stuff is the hardest for me?
   Enjoy the beautiful 15.

New bag for foot controller


Dre_in_PA said...

And a bottle of Tri-Flow! What a good mechanic you've become.
Nice of you to print the manual; I usually just send an email with a link to the PDF on the Singer site.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Why of course there is a brand new bottle of Tri-flow. I ordered it right with the motor combo, the new bobbin case, and marked throat plate. I figure if I didn't print the pertinent pages it would not get threaded right or oiled, so I am trying to make it easy.