Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Just a cleaning machine

     My new base came in from Cindy Peters, an oak base to fit the 201 in when the motor goes back in. First photo is the unfinished and the second is one coat of Minwax Antique Oil Finish. I sanded it with fine sandpaper and wiped it with a tackcloth before the first coat. Tonight, I will put on the second coat. I plan about 4 coats. I like the color just fine without any stain. Wood mellows over time.

    I can't stand having dirty machines around, so I cleaned the newest 301 in the herd I got from eBay. I am including photos of the packaging, because it was great and there was no damage. The case was packed inside a sturdy box and then the machine was bubble wrapped and packed with styrofoam very well. 
    Although this was a very good cosmetic machine, the insides were the dirtiest 301 I have seen, check out the lint cake. All the insides had black, thick deposits. They cleaned well with 90% rubbing alchohol. Not only the gears, but inside the side cover, the bobbin, the handwheel, and all metal rods. I thought the machine breathed easier when it was clean. The drip felt was disgusting and moldy and I threw it out. Now where did that extra one I bought get put? Someplace safe, but forgotten for the moment. After cleaning, when I fired it up and test sewed, it hummed with that heavenly 301 motor to gears sound. No problems at all with the stiches. Just very dirty.

Cosmetically great pre-cleaning

Yucky, yucky underneath

Used the dental picks to get out all this fossilized lint

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