Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Quilts Unlimited in Old Forge at the View

     Every year, the third week of August for over 15 years, my family rents a house near Old Forge, NY and enjoys the Adirondacks (ADK). We saw the building over the years of the new arts center called the View. It is absolutely one of the best spaces I have ever seen. On Nov. 2nd, Quilts Unlimited opened. I had never been to Old Forge any other time of the year and now, it is pretty much a ghost town. Just getting a decent cup of coffee is a challenge. My sister in law I went to the opening as I have two pieces in the show. The quality of the quilts just blew me away. I don't think I can post the photos of others' quilts although I took many. Pat Pauly put some on her blog, I think. The View will have a slide show of them soon as they did for last year's show. We had a great time, stayed at the Water's Edge, and did some sewing in our room. I taught Ann to sew inset circles and thin insets. I met Elizabeth and Lisa there and got my new Singer 237 for my treadle. Photos of that later.
View from my room, McCauley Mtn at back

Old Forge Beach

Circle sewing practice

That's my quilt, next to the Sock Monkeys

Like I said, the space is beautiful

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