Thursday, May 1, 2014

Just Had to Do it

   The other day, I dropped off a Kenmore 158 that someone gave me and I rehabbed. I found out that a group in the city is trying to teach sewing to young refugees and was in need of some machines. The problem was after I dropped off the machine, I stopped at the local Habitat for Humanity store to browse. Oh uh! A wonderful Singer 15-91 in a cabinet for $20. How could I not take it home and lovingly clean it up and get it running. I left the cabinet there and took the machine and foot controller home. The power cord was missing and the wire to the foot controller is dust. I think the wire to the motor may be ok. It was really in beautiful shape, hardly any wear. Someone had put a marked needle plate on. The scroll work is just lovely. I am trying to convince a friend to take it when I get it done. I love mine and the 15-90. This one is from 1948. 
   I just could not leave it there moldering away. The 15-91 machines are just awesome stitichers.
Just as I got it, untouched. I do have the foot controller, just needs new cord


Peg said...

Great find! I LOVE these machines too.

Linda Swanekamp said...

It is all apart now and being cleaned. One of the brushes detached from the spring and won't come out. Everything else looks pretty good.