Monday, May 19, 2014

New machine, new era, vintage longing

    Well, the stack of quilts basted is growing. My ability to get them FMQ is low due to the rearranging and stuffing of the fabric on my 301s. I love my 301s. They are the best. But, I researched and tried a Bailey 17" Pro. I could not afford a Handi Quilter or mid arm of that type. I do not want any computer assisted machine. I was down that expensive road and will not do that again. I do not want to use a frame for physical reasons and space. The Bailey is on my table and soon to be new large table (one more coat of poly if the weather would cooperate). I am using my Sewing Mates table which I love and have used on the 301s. It adjusts to any size machine and is built great and in the USA by a great family. I have quilted a comfort quilt and not one skip or break. However, I long for the quiet and fit and finish of the beloved 301. If I could only stretch it...

17" of real estate, I am just saying

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Jan said...

Wow, cool! I am having so much trouble sewing with my machine, I think of you and maybe getting some advice on a "new" (used) machine. I need to do something if I am going to be a quilter, that's for sure. Sigh.