Friday, May 9, 2014

Bits and pieces, bits and pieces

      In the quest to make things, there is lot of bits and pieces around before it is finished. My husband is building me a sewing table, 7' x 38" from maple faced plywood and solid wood legs which are an assortment of aspen, oak and maple. The legs, except for some more poly, are done. The top is underneath waiting for finish, although the cutting and assembly are done.

    Also in pieces is the 15-91 I bought at Habitat Restore. It is a beautiful machine. I have cleaned it and polished most of it. I bought a set of Chapman bits so I could get the worm gear out so I could clean the armature. They work.

Handwheel was gunked on

Yucky, yucky

Getting clean

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Dre_in _PA said...

Look at you go!