Saturday, May 17, 2014

All together now, and it runs!

     The Singer 15-91 rescued from Restore that was all apart in pieces has actually been assembled with no parts left over or missing. When plugged in, it ran and the light turned on. When I got it, the cord was dust so I had not idea if this would run. Thanks to online help and encouragement from Elizabeth and Andrea, I was able to complete the task. The info from Rain on motor rebuild was also invaluable. A new set of Chapman screwdrivers did not hurt. Lots of cleaning and polishing. Now all I have left is tension tweaking and why o why is it so noisy in the bobbin area? Hurrah! It is together, what a miracle by someone like me!
$20, cords, and 20 hours= shiny Singer 15-91


Cari Pease said...

I don't have a Singer 15 but I have close to a dozen end loading clones and most of them are noisier in the bobbin area than a top loading machine. I've been told to try using one of those bobbin washers but I figure as long as the machines are sewing well why bother.


Cari Pease said...

BTW,your 15-91 is a beautiful machine!


Dre in PA said...

Twenty hours sounds pretty good, for results that spectacular! They always sound noisier on the table than when mounted in a cabinet.
Now what's the plan? 15s are excellent for purse making.

Linda Swanekamp said...

It is a beautiful machine. I already have one that I do all my piecing on, but it is newer model, not the scrollwork like this one. I think it needs to go to deserving home. I am glad I rescued and restored it.
Yes! I want to make purses, have patterns, but lack the skill.
The other 15-91 is in a case bottom, so maybe that is why it is quieter.
Just love the Singer 15s!

Seam Ripper Joe and his Sewing Machine said...

Excellent job on your restoration of the 15-91. You have to love the old vintage machines. I have a Singer 66-8 and it runs like a top.

Elizabeth said...

Clean and oil the center of the bobbin case that sits on the shaft of the hook. That sometimes helps quiet things down a bit. I actually prefer my 15 to my 201. Nice job. Beautiful machine. Saved another!

Peg said...

Great job. She looks fantastic! I love Singer 15's and all her clones too. Sewing on a table or stand is MUCH more satisfying than a portable base - but then there is the room space issue. It's so much easier to slide the fabric straight across an even surface of a stand rather than going up and over to reach the bed of the machine on a base.

Are you wedded to the idea that face plates must be contemporary with the year of the machine? - you can put a pretty scrollwork plate on your later machine that you are keeping and save the one that came with the machine for when you finally sell it.