Wednesday, May 28, 2014

All together now! (mostly)

    My sewing table is all together and in place. I don't have a photo with the treadle and desk back in place yet, but here is the table my husband made. It has a maple veneer plywood top (cabinet grade so it is smooth as silk), solid legs of oak and aspen. It is bolted together. The cord winder underneath is from Ikea, all of  $10. It works great so there is not a snare of wires under the table since I have multiple machines and lights hooked up. The power strip is screwed to the crossbeam. It is 7' long and 38" wide. It is lower than a regular table because of the sewing machine heights. The light fixture gives great light at night, very even and diffuse. What a difference so I can sew in the evening. I bought a couple of Ikea LED small gooseneck lights, which are not in the photo here, but will be in the future.
  First, the room emptied out.
The inspector
Treadle off to side yet
The former living room space
He not only builds tables, but vacuums!!

Power strip on crossbeam
Ikea cord gizmo

The sun streams in
Just need the rug and chairs back

Puff light fixture


Peg said...

Looks Great! What is a Puff light fixture? What makes it better than other fixtures? What size is yours and where did you get it?

Vicki W said...

Great table! What more could a girl want?

Linda Swanekamp said...

The light fixture is a Lite puff by Lithonia lighting bought at the Home Depot. It is not exactly what I want. I wanted a light fixture like I see hanging in newer offices, a strip of lights in a slim fixture. Since I have no commercial contacts, I could not get one. The reason for this one is it is low profile to the ceiling and does does need to be wired in the ceiling. I have a wire going out towards the pendant in my front window in a channel on the ceiling. It turns on and off with the pendant. It gives even light. It has 4 bulbs. Any questions, ask away!

Gwen said...

What a beautiful table! Fantastic!