Friday, May 23, 2014

Best signs

     On our mini vacation to New Haven, I was aghast at how few fabric stores there were around there. I only found one driving distance on the way back from visiting Mystic Seaport in Old Saybrook, Coastal Sewing Machines. I bought three yards of batik for Sea Urchins, but it was a little store, nice, but little. I asked the salesman where all the stores are and he said there were none unless I went all the way back up to Hartford. No quilters around New Haven? Lots of yarn stores, but where are the quilters?
     On a visit to White Flower Farms in Litchfield, I found this plate and my husband had to stop me looking for a screwdriver. Wouldn't I just love this plate!!
     In our one day, train to NYC and back to New Haven, I saw this restaurant in NYC. Unfortunately, it was out of business. Must have my business and math sense. I could not get my husband and sister in law to stop at City Quilter, boo hoo. I did get to see the Freedom Tower at the WTC but was one day too early for the opening of the museum. I hate the memorial as much as I did the last time I saw it. It is very hopeless and desolate.

There is a whole wall of art across the street.
I could not get more photos because of the crowd. I thought the mural was excellent.

Freedom Tower behind the museum

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