Thursday, May 22, 2014

Studio Redux

     As my machines increase and vary and I make more and more quilts, the studio set up needed to change. The areas of difficulty are lighting and table space. My studio used to be the living room. We have added cabinets and a counter. The machines are in some undercounter cabinets and on an assortment of tables, drawing tables. The tables are not the same size and could not be lowered enough for normal sewing, so the chairs had to be higher. Uneven table tops are an issue. When I bought the Bailey, my husband bought wood to make one large sewing table, 7' by 38" which will have the Bailey, the 15-91, and the 301 and if needed to swap out for zig zag, the 401. The treadle in the parlor cabinet will position to the table on its short side and will be joined by the yet to be refinished treadle and go back to back. The other treadle will have a zig zag machine in it which is ready to go. So today, after our mini vacation to New Haven, we emptied out the space and cleaned it up. My husband is installing an overhead light, which is the best we could come up with, but are not satisfied with, and then the table will go in. Everything is in quite a state of disorder at the moment.

Cleaned and ready for lighting and table.
      I am taking off all the photos from my trip and writing some new posts on that, but the studio is the biggest effort now.

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Peg said...

Helpful Hubbies bring so much Happiness to our lives. He deserves a big Hug. (Wish I could take over our living room for my shop).