Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Layer Cake into Herringbones

     One of the women that I cleaned a Featherweight for gave me a layer cake in muted Americana colors as a thank you among some yardage. I cut Kona white into 10" squares and gave them to my mother to sew all the way around the pair of layer cake square and white. I asked to her sew off the corners and restart sewing on the next side. That helped slow her down so I got square corners that I cut easily cut all the way across, corner to corner twice to make 4 triangles that opened into HSTs. I trimmed the HSTs with a Bloc Loc ruler- just the best tool!!
     Missouri Star Quilt Company has a tutorial on the Herringbone quilt. It has no waste except the trimmings of the HSTs. I did a couple of layouts on the design wall and so far 4 rows to the right are all sewn. I had to web the side instead of the across the top since the blocks do not line up so my tape numbers go down the side, not the top. What I did is to take every other row (which have the same configuration) and do a leader/ender with those. After two sets of pairs sewn, I attached them together. I will do this for the rest of the quilt.
Layout 1
Layout 2
 Four rows on right sewn


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Very nice! I like both layouts - the differences are very subtle - I had to look twice. Missouri Star Quilt Company has some great tutorials - with little to no waste - but this one sounds like the blocks come out with bias edges and I'm not a big fan of those - ;))

Elizabeth said...

Sweet. I like it.