Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Border decision made

     After sewing all the Kaffe HSTs into a web, I ironed all the seams, making sure each row went opposite, and then sewed the rows. As hard as I tried, I am still off in some corners. I trimmed, pressed, matched and am still off. I guess I still have a lot of improvement to make sewing.
     I decided on a 1 1/2" dark purple (Frond Plaster of Paris) inner border and the Kaffe fabric that had none left to spare, 2/12" finished border. I guess when I quilt it, I will like it more. I wish it had more pop.
Rows sewn


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I think it is pretty and elegant.

Dre in PA said...

OOOh, I LIKE it!!

Vicki W said...

Love it!

Elizabeth said...

I wish I like HST. Maybe if I had that fancy tool I would like them better. This is really beautiful. I am a fan of slender, dark, inner borders. My colors.

Louise said...

I understand that stage where you're hoping you'll like something better after the next stage of quilting. This quilt is gorgeous, so I hope you start loving it soon!

I also understand being a bit disappointed when my piecing isn't as good as I think it should be. Sheesh, haven't we practiced enough yet?!? This diagonal design is so bold that it can absorb a lot of little errors. And they must be VERY little, because they are invisible :)