Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Gorillas unleashed

     The granddaughter ponies quilt ran away, and yesterday I sent the gorilla quilt home with my grandson. I had bought an animal panel and gorillas fabric. At the retreat, two women helped me design the batik area above and below the panel to finish it off. I quilted on the long arm where I went around all the animals two times to make them stand out. I used a lot of leaf shapes to fill in.  Glide mocha on the front, light blue Omni in the bobbin. On the back, I used a length of the gorilla fabric and split a long piece of teal to piece it. I made a scavenger hunt to find the quilt and he was thrilled. 
     It was actually sunny Tuesday, so the sun came in the family room windows and sort of bleached out part of the quilt. Both kiddos wanted to lay on the quilt for the photo. 
Back of quilt

     I hate to write this, but I blur out my grandchildren's faces because I went to many FBI cyber crime workshops as a public school teacher and was told and shown how evil people cut and paste heads from the internet over child porn so they can resell the images again and again. I was horrified to the core and I never put their photos on the net without blurring them. 

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