Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Other gems at QBL

    I was privileged to be around so much talent and creativity pouring out at QBL. I took photos of some of my classmates work and will post a sample here. I did not take my good Canon, so I am a bit disappointed in the photo quality. I regret I did not take more photos, but I was so busy working, that I missed a lot of the progress. A few people, I forgot names (the quiet ones). I missed some more great quilts.
    Also, a suite mate in the dorm of mine was Lynn Roddy Brown, a very accomplished quilter and author from Houston. I signed up to take one of her classes at the Houston Quilt Festival after meeting her. She is a wealth of technical and design knowledge patiently explained. I bought two of her books, Simple Strategies for Scrap Quilts, and Simple Strategies for Block Swap Quilts. She has another. I am awe of her abilities and personality. If you live anywhere near where she is teaching, go! Here is one of her quilts at the QBL show.
Lynn Roddy Brown
    Quilters from the made fabric class were creating these.

Connie's Made quilt
Made House
Jenny's made work

Made Houses
Norma, an 80+ quilting wizard
Made fabric center
Center with HST border, just amazing
Pat's made column
Great design from the woman with the orange HST borders,
wish I remembered her name!

    Quilters from the Lemoyne class were creating these. For even better photos, go to Lisa's blog, The redheaded mermaid, for more eye candy.

Beth's carefully though out star

Simple fabric, strips bring it to life

E's cut up top making a star point, 4 times

Emily's dragonfly star, carefully laid out using a folding mirror to cut shapes

Emily's wild star
E's quilt top that she cut up for stars, photo on theredheadedmermaid blog
Holly's King, super size, star
Just the racoons
With the borders, amazing

Look at Lisa's arrangement 1, with purple centers
Lisa's Arrangement 2, with stripe centers
Marcia's elegant neutral star

The neatest worker in the class, nothing ever out of place
Barbara's Japanese fabric star

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