Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Watercolors and Wind

    On Sunday, I showed my watercolors at the one and only outdoor art show I attend, the Riverwalk. It is a very nice show in a great spot along the Niagara River in the City of Tonawanda. It is only one day and it is an easy distance set up. It is also cheap so I don't worry about having to sell anything to recoup major cost. Everything set up nicely and was ready to go. It was a little breezy, but ok. As the day progressed, big gusts came down the river and blew everything all over. It pulled the screws out holding the wires on the frames, knocked over my easels, wrecked frames, and while I was trying to catch a painting, it came apart and all I caught was the glass. Yes, a big cut. When my husband arrived near the end, I was very frazzled explaining the situation to him. Right then, the biggest gust, picked up my big wooden easel straight in the air, turned it sideways and hit me like an arrow in the side, knocking me to the ground. I told my husband, "I'm done". He didn't say anything, but helped me load the work in very gusty conditions. I threw it all in the basement when I got home and have not had the guts to do a post mortem on the paintings.

Easels before launching
The Honda Odyssey in the back is mine. See how close I can get to unload?

The view of the river and Grand Island is exquisite.
The bike path/walking trail goes all along the river here.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That sounds like a terrible day! I supposed no one else could help you because their things were blowing around too.

Peg said...

Feeling for you.... What a blow!

...several years ago, a huge storm blew in at a farmers market where I was selling veggies. It tore up everyone's tents and canapies. There was little warning and every man for herself - lots of veggies and flowers on the ground. Mother nature has her moods!

Hope you didn't loose too much of your beautiful art work.