Friday, July 11, 2014

Fabric Time!

     For our 38th anniversary, my husband and I went away for a night to Watkins Glen, NY. The State Park is beautiful and took a lot of photos of the gorge. In addition, I managed to hit three quilt stores- Golden Lake in Penn Yann, Oh Susannah in Watkins Glen, and my favorite, Quilter's Corner in Ithaca. I had also just bought some on line fabric. Sort of a fabric fiesta going on here. I also did something I swore I would never do, buy a kit. I hate kits. I don't want to make something someone else already has done. But when I saw the quilt on the wall and the unusual fabrics included, I weakened. I will try and replace some of them so it won't be exact. In Buffalo, we just don't have a variety of fabrics, especially ones I like. I hate to always order online, trying to support LQS that I know struggle to stay open. Feeling kind of fabric glutted at the moment and wondering how I will sew it all. 
From online. Just had to have vintage sewing machines.
For another one block wonder. I think this will be stunning. Repeat 24". From Penn Yann.
Super fun color. Maybe I can be Wanda for a day. From Oh Susannah's
The New American Made Fabric by Clothworks. Want to do their challenge,
but need more colors than Quilter's Corners had.
Guilty of buying a kit. Quilter's Corners.


Terri said...

Love the red for I Spy, but it's the second fabric that I really love.
If you don't make the kit, you can always use the fabrics in your stash... they won't go to waste. Heck, I could buy a bunch of low volume prints... they aren't represented in my stash much.

Peg said...

If you ever go to Ithaca again to buy fabric, there's a little store that's part of SEWGREEN- a not for profit that teaches sewing skills and reuse of fabrics and sewing supplies. All of the fabric is donated and at very reasonable prices - they also sell vintage sewing machines, sewing books, notions and patterns - all donated and in very good condition. Not the huge selection of a fabric store BUT I've gotten some really beautiful fabric there.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I took a class at Sew Green on how to repair a machine. That is where I think I first met you, Peg. My husband said he could wait through one store, and that is what I picked. One of his sisters lives there, and we had to make in for dinner and drive back to Buffalo. Quilters Corners has fabrics I just don't see around Buffalo.

Jan said...

Road trip! Let me know when you want to go back!

Elizabeth said...

I must get to Penn Yann! I love that fabric.