Saturday, July 5, 2014

Inching along progress quilt-wise

   With a lot of quilts going, and on a variety of machines, I am progressing, but slowly.  The Circle Dance quilt for my daughter as a wedding present (last May), has tested my curved piecing and I have tried a variety of methods: pinning (they slip), gluing the beginning and ends (time consuming and still not accurate), the CurveMaster foot (drags on the 301 fooling with the tension), and the regular foot with the old style original equipment screw down guide (done with holding the fabric like with the CurveMaster). I have all the large blocks done and over all the quarter size ones sewn and pressed. I find that Best Press did the best job in ironing. Wish it wasn't so expensive. My goal is to get them all sewn by the end of the week so I can schedule time with my daughter to arrange them the way she wants.
A pile to iron
The large size blocks

The small blocks
    Also, I have sewn a veteran's quilt for my guild that was kitted up. I need a border, so I have to find some patriotic fabric. It was a very easy pattern to sew, but I do not like the shape of the pinwheels. For some reason, I do not like this quilt, but I will do a nice border and quilting.

   My grandson won't stop sleeping with the fleece truck quilt I made him even though he is sweating to death, so I bought some truck fabric, two kinds, front and back and am making a whole cloth quilt with extra light batting. I started to do the FMQ, but marked all the lines so it stays even. Normally, I never mark as I follow the blocks for inspiration, but this is just one piece of fabric.

   In addition, but no photos, I spend hours with other guild members cutting pieces for our raffle quilt which will be paper pieced. We still have cutting to go and bagging up fabric and patterns for each block (100 Blocks). 
   And, I keep organizing fabric and cutting squares. 

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Terri said...

Resting is a valid use of time! We don't want you to burn out.
I love the Drunkard's Path pattern. I usually hand sew the curve with lots of pins to ease in the curve.