Monday, July 14, 2014

Not quite Dancing with Circles

    Way back, I started a quilt for my daughter as a present for her wedding. We picked out the fabric in July last year after the dust from her wedding settled. She chose a pattern from many I showed her and it was kind of Circle Dance. I had one photo that Wanda made and the other from the seller of the templates. I bought the large and small templates because when I made my own, they were too flimsy for cutting the curves- kind of important. The past year, I have cut all the blocks and attempted to sew them in a consistent manner. I tried glue, pins, feet, etc. Finally, I watched a youtube video where there were no pins used, but the top curved piece was held above the bottom bigger piece and fed through. I sewed them on my 301 with a regular foot and the old vintage seam guide screwed in at 1/4".  This finally got the job done.
    My daughter was on her way to drive her dissertation (praise God, finally got approval) to Rochester, NY from Meadville, PA and was stopping home in Buffalo overnight. So, in anticipation, I put all the blocks on the design wall so she could arrange them the way she wanted. It was 12 blocks wide by 14 tall, so it did not fit on my wall and I had to lay the last 2 rows on the floor. When I put them up, I did not like it at all. It was all chop suey. I sent a photo to Wanda and her expert advice had me remove the very light, and find some bigger patterns to put in. I sewed about another 25-30 blocks and added them. 
    When Ria came in, she spent a lot of time rearranging and I sewed some more. All those light blocks I will have to use in a small quilt I think. She had to leave early this morning, so she made a final arrangement. Now I have to number them all and get them down before the cat starts removing them- a job he loves.
First attempt, Yikes, going nowhere
Ria's final choice

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