Friday, August 1, 2014

All sewn up!

    Circle Dance is hanging by threads no more. It is all sewn together. It needs to be pressed and assessed to see if I botched any seams. Thanks to Wanda, I learned to pleat up the rows that were not being sewn with safety pins. That helped a lot to handle all the chain pieced rows. I did pin every intersection of seam and circle, right through the seam, yet many of them still moved. GRR! 
    Now to choose the backing. I looked at some wide backings, but there is not a lot of choice. I have to stick to something not real feminine as it is for my daughter and her husband. I looked online an shot a few links to Ria so she could think what she wants. Boy, queen size is big when you do mostly lap size. I could not find a place to take a decent photo so it all could show or get decent light. It is sideways in the photo, the top is to the left.
  Another finish is a kid's comfort quilt, done in the 3 dudes pattern. I only had a small number of kid strips, so I had to add lots of borders. I FMQ on the Bailey and did a slate pattern in the yellow and a sunshine in the blue border which from some reason, has a moire pattern in the photo. Both designs were from Leah Day's list. Now onto the backs from the quilts I made at QBL.
Star and Slate design

Free motion kind of follows the blocks

The back in flannel for snuggling

The Front


Exuberant Color said...

Yes queen size is BIG! I'm glad to see it is all together and ready for finishing.

Micki @ 2 Dogs Studio said...

Love your color choices and the layout you used. Inspires me to make some for myself. Great Job!

Linda Swanekamp said...

My daughter picked the colors. I would have put some other ones in there. I love making the curves and want to make another, bu maybe not queen size. After about 3/4 way through, I finally got it without pinning, using a regular foot, and a plexi seam guide.