Monday, May 30, 2016

Test run of Crafted Applique

      I was very excited to get my copy of Crafted Applique by Lara Buccella because I don't like working with raw edge applique and fusibles. When my granddaughter was over, I let her coat the batiks with the gloss modge podge and then we cut out the letters for our last name. I let her iron (hand over hand) the letters on some denim banner flags someone gave me. Then we strung all the letter flags together with knots between so they wouldn't tangle. She was proud to take it home. 
     Now I have to try the technique with fabric modge podge on a simple quilt design.

Finished banner with Tugger the inspector


Quiltdivajulie said...

Great project -- I am impressed with how well Lara's technique works (have tried it on several little things now and one large project).

Lara B. said...

What a cutie-pie Linda! And following in her grandmother's footsteps too! I'm so glad you are having fun with Crafted Applique!